Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trump Justice Dept DROPS Challenge TO REDSKINS Trademark

The Justice Department on Thursday dropped the legal challenge to the the Washington Redskins' name, the Associated Press reported.  MAYBE it's time for them to go after ACTUAL CIVIL and HUMAN RIGHTS violations in INDIAN COUNTRY?  We got CRICKETS from Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch

According to the AP, the Trump administration dropped the challenge in a letter to the Supreme Court in response to last week's ruling in Matal V. Tam, in which an Asian-American rock band won the right to copyright the name "The Slants," despite the name's offensive connotation.

In the Thursday letter, the Justice Department argues that the Matal V. Tam decision means that the court would decide in favor of the Washington Redskins if the case went before the justices.

Last week, Redskins owner Dan Snyder drew the same conclusion, and said he was "thrilled" by the court's decision in the copyright case His lawyer, Lisa Blatt, issued a  statement saying that the court's decision resolved the dispute over the NFL team's name.

Senators of the INDIAN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE.... LOOK for an important issue to hold hearings for.   The abuse of Native Americans, BY Native Americans

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