Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mark Macarro Screws His OWN Family Over: TRAPPED in Moratorium Are 10 Macarro Blood Relatives

It's well know that Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Chairman Mark Macarro has wiped out more than 20% of his tribe, via an unlawful disenrollment. (Against the Pechanga Constitution).  What more of a "family secret" is that Macarro, little brother John and Cousin Victor have all worked to keep their OWN FAMILY members out of the tribe.

Their own cousin, A. Macarro who writes the blog pechangajournal has been in the membership moratorium for over a decade. Yet as we wrote about here:Quid Pro Quo for Hunter Disenrollment  former enrollment committee chairman Bobbi LeMere was able to get her adult family into the tribe. It came just after the Hunter disenrollments were confirmed.

Take a look at the link to pechangajournal, which details some threat made to Arlene from Victor Rocha, which she has written about.  It belies that puff piece that came out last week in the Riverside Press Enterprise.

I guess being an asshole runs in the Macarro side?
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