Thursday, November 6, 2014

Are Gaming Tribes Becoming the NEW MAFIA? Powerful at the Top, Wetting their Beaks at Their Tribe's Expense?

The current dustup at Chukchansi, with more than $49 Million missing makes us wonder: WHO is minding the store at Tribal Casinos?  Where is the Federal oversight?

At Pechanga, tribal chairman Mark Macarro, who lied to Congress was subject of a recall petition by those opposed to his hiring his wife's lobbying firm .  Now there is continuing pressure at Pechanga to oust Macarro's brother, John Macarro, from his position as "legal adviser"  a high paid job, (reportedly over $300,000 for an attorney that can't pass the CA bar) and a bloated expense account.  Also factor in that Macarro is paying his wife lobbying firm IETAN Consulting $250,000 per year over the past five years or so.  And what has the TRIBE received from that largesse?  We, who are disenrolled have beaten back the tribe's lawyers and lobbyists with TWO visits to congress and simple HONESTY to the facts.  Senator Boxer's Native American assistant at least had the decency to be embarrassed by a bill written by Holly Macarro, that would have changed the definition of a reservation allottee. But the point is, they lost!  To two people who had a free room at the Marriott Courtyard, during the government shutdown.

At Pala, Tribal chair despicable ROBERT SMITH runs roughshod over his tribe, disenrolling family's, firing assistants who know where the bones are buried.  You can learn more about this tribe at the estimable PALA WATCH but the point is, money is being spent, oversight is non existent and all of a sudden, things like airplane rides, money earned is not being taxed, and Californian's are losing much needed monies that our politicians are turning a blind eye to.

At Robinson Rancheria, the late Tracey Avila led evictions of those that didn't think her way, she was later charged with embezzlement of another tribes money.

Who is protecting tribal people from their OWN TRIBES?

Kevin Washburn we again say, YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS.

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