Monday, March 18, 2013

NIGA Announces Victor Rocha, Pechanga.nets Bad News Censoring Editor and Cousin to Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro Which Practices Apartheid on Their Reservation as Keynote Speaker.

Hey, what's a little discrimination and theft of per capita amongst friends right?  In this press release, the Nation Indian Gaming Association announces that Victor Rocha will be their keynote speaker.  Rocha is cousin to Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro, who is notorious in CA for stripping 25% of the tribe of their rightful place.  In Rocha's website, you won't read the bad news stories and they are conveniently censored or buried.   Example:  Did you read about the tribe's previous chairperson, Jennie Miranda being disenfranchised for stealing from the tribe, or her son?  

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On burying the bad news at Pechanga


The Emerging Leaders of GamingTM is pleased to announce that Victor Rocha - creator, owner and editor of - will serve as the keynote speaker at its members-only event to be held at the upcoming National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) conference in Phoenix on Tuesday, March 26th.

The mission of Emerging Leaders is to provide exclusive networking opportunities for up-and-coming peers on the same fast-track to success within the gaming industry. The typical Emerging Leader is a young professional (under 40) that appears destined to fill tomorrow's senior-level and C-suite management positions. Membership in Emerging Leaders of GamingTM is by invitation or recommendation only, and is required to attend all Emerging Leaders conference-based networking events.

All Emerging Leaders of GamingTM events engage a prominent and proven industry veteran to address the young professionals, and Victor Rocha has unquestionably exemplified the ethos of an Emerging Leader.  Rocha has been integral to Indian gaming for over 14 years, and his website,, has been a leading source of Indian and gaming news on the Internet for more than a decade.  Rocha has received industry accolades and numerous awards for his work, including the National Indian Gaming Association's 2002 Outstanding Contribution to Indian Country, VCAT's 2001 Catalyst Award, and recognition as one of Global Gaming Business Magazine's "40 Under 40."  Rocha will address the Emerging Leaders of GamingTM group to share his experience in starting and operating the website, where his involvements, work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit have taken him, and the impact that his efforts and website have had on both tribal and commercial gaming.

To recommend a candidate for membership to Emerging Leaders of GamingTM, or to inquire about attending the limited capacity cocktail event featuring Victor Rocha at NIGA, please fill out the online nomination form at send an inquiry to

OP:  It's Victor's website and he can run it the way he wants.  But it's also good to shine a spotlight so people know what is going on.   NIGA turns a blind eye to the problems casino tribes have caused for Indians in CA.

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