Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The FIRST IDLE NO MORE event is scheduled for Los Angeles, where more than 40,000 Native Americans call home.  Remember, that tribes who have harmed their people should be called out too.  The Five Civilized Tribes have not honored their treaty rights to their slave's descendents.  Tribes in CA have terminated their brothers and sisters. That should NOT stand.  This link is to a Facebook event:


Meet us @ CNN FRIDAY MARCH 15 from 4:00pm until 8:00pm for the first IDLE NO MORE event to address the MEDIA BLACKOUT of this historical international movement that has been working to protect the rights of First Nations Peoples along with the environmental rights that will benefit and protect life world wide.

We have chosen CNN for the first event because they are known worldwide and are held in high regard as a 'standard' in global news, but have yet to cover this story. We wish to make a BIG show of force by comin out to offer a prayer to our relatives fighting up in Canada and too all other nations in resistance. Our voices are strong when we come together and they will hear us! This event is scheduled to start before rush hour and goin on til 8
pm which will give us much foot and car traffic to share the message with.

While Idle No More (INM) started in Canada to address the horrendous violations of Treaty and Sovereignty rights issued by their government, it has grown into an international solidarity movement that is awakening Indigenous Peoples and allies all over the world to their agency and the need to stand strong for their rights since we are all connected and will be affected by what happens in Canada. In addition, there are the many local Indigenous Peoples issues across this country that INM is helping to bring to light. It has taken root in many cities across the US and grown out to the rest of the world making this a valuable local story and international story. However, til this day still NO ACTUAL FULL STORY OR COVERAGE by the large media outlets!
I am very thankful for alternative media (KPFK and IndyMedia) and social media for doing the job that mainstream media has failed to do.

We all should be ready mobilize our resources to push the media, because not a single media (Mis-Info) outlet so far has taken the interest and/or time to directly pursue, cover, and issue a story on IDLE NO MORE (INM). They have made excuses that this is not a local story, that the Christopher Doerner LAPD Manhunt story was a priority (ignoring the fact that INM has been going on for months), that important news shifts daily and INM wasn't it, a camera man told me "if it doesn't bleed, then it doesn't lead", and the list goes on.

On the day that Chief Spence was to meet with Prime Minister Harper, this was one of the important news stories that NBC news chose to go with instead of Idle No More ...

Rather, there have only been brief mentions of the INM movement in relation to other happenings and movements going on, such as the many environmental actions addressing President Obama. All this while social media tells us a much different story on how fierce and massive INM truly has grown to become.

I have been very vocal to the news reporters. When I come across them I state specifically that has been going on popularly as early as the first week of December, with still many newsworthy events starting in Canada leading up to the call for the formation of INM. There has been a hunger strike by Chief Spence, where she put her life on the line to get the message out and push for the respect of First Nations Peoples Sovereignty and Treaty Rights. Looking beyond Canada, there have been many events here in Los Angeles as well as in many other cities in the US and worldwide.

While Canada has been offering much better coverage, the United States is facing media blackouts in many of our cities. This is why we must IDLE NO MORE against the media and their mis-info. If our communities are not informed, they cannot become active and the media is well aware of this consequence. They practiced this same blackout strategy against the Occupy Movement for months in hopes to not give it life, but they were able to push their way into the medias spotlight.

The goal here is to serve the media outlets with a press release clearly informing them of the IDLE NO MORE movement and violations clearly being pushed against First Nations Peoples in order to give them a chance to be report the story fully and fairly.

We welcome all IDLE NO MORE supporters to come down and be present to show our numbers to let them know ... WE ARE HERE! ... WE ARE LOCAL! ... WE ARE GLOBAL! ... WE ARE IDLE NO MORE! ... IT IS TIME THEY COVER OUR STORY!

THIS IS NOT LIMITED TO BEING JUST A LOS ANGELES EVENT. If you can not join us in LA, then please create your own events to address your local media outlet's blackout of INM. We are doing this before the International Solidarity events that will be happening on March 20, 21, and 22 so the media will have enough time to respond and cover events on these days. This action is to boost media coverage which will help boost visibility yielding more supporters. Popular media coverage will build the momentum of this movement to generate actual change.

This is where we start but not where we end ... We are pursuing creative ways to peacefully and fiercefully push the media to handle business properly! ... We can't be passive in hopes for change, it don't work like that. They speak the language of money so maybe an economic strategy will have to be pushed next if they choose to continue like this.

******* Seven generations now and seven generations from now- this event will focus on the message form the youth and children.. Contact the admin on this page for more information - more to follow!

The event will be well documented with photos and video to be uploaded to social media as testimony to our day of action and their possible inactive responses. We will ensure they can no longer claim ignorance to the issues that affect us. Please bring your cameras, signs, creativity, and fierce spirit.



smokeybear said...

The media doesn't give a "RATS A.."
about any of this. They're paid not
to by the "Casino Indians." Now you cvan see, first hand, what we
"Native Americans" have to "ENDURE."...."Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

Indians have truly lost their way. I'm afraid it's lost for the ages.

White Buffalo said...

Anonymous said...

Indians have truly lost their way. I'm afraid it's lost for the ages.
March 13, 2013 at 5:08 AM

It is this kind of message that causes the most harm, for when the seed of doubt is planted it will grow and spread. I do not accept this as a valid statement. Yes it is true that the casino Indians do pay the media a boat load of money, yet we do have a voice and we do have spirit. If people gather it will be noticed. No one said this would be an easy fight, nor were you told it would be settled soon. Keep in mind we are on Indian time. I am not fighting for myself. I am fighting for those of my family who will come after, for it is they who will not know what it means to be Indian if I give up and roll over to the likes of Bitch Murphy, Marcy Macocksucker, or that perv Potato-Head. Have faith in what you do and believe. In our case it is family against family, and what was done to use was wrong plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

With dwindling advertisement, the tribes are the big money for the networks and newspapers, so they won't report the truth for the disenrolled because they might lose the money in advertising....and now they saturate the Lakers, Clippers etc to look good....

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of Indians who are still enrolled that could stand up and fight but won't. That they are afraid of losing MONEY. Get it. When your life revolves around the dollar. You have embraced the white way. Which is no longer the Indian way. That's what I meant by the Indian way is lost and the people who sit idly by and let it happen have lost their way. And that statement is irrefutable.

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

journalist carmen george has once again been nominated to receive an award for an article in regard to disenrollment at picayune and beyond...the dinner at which she will receive this award is in southern california and will be attended by journalists throughout the state and beyond...journalists such as carmen are willing to take risk and make personal sacrifices in order to put our stories in the forefront...our stories will be told by those who hold our values as indian people in their hearts...THANK YOU to carmen and all others in the media that seek--and report-- the truth in indian country despite pressures from powerful and corrupt tribal governments who seek to hide that truth...

all of my brothers and sisters in indian country--