Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pechanga Casino Crimewatch; Employee's Car, Purse and Wallet Stolen

A man and woman were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of several crimes following an investigation that allegedly began with a stolen purse.

Chad Depasquale, 28, of Menifee, and Darcie Freeman, 25, of Temecula, were picked up by deputies at the Walmart on Temecula Parkway a day after they allegedly stole a Pechanga employee’s purse, wallet and car.

The investigation began Monday when deputies responded to the Pechanga Resort and Casino regarding alleged theft of personal property and a vehicle, according to a report from Sgt. Jon Wade of the Temecula Police Department.

A purse belonging to a Pechanga employee was stolen from a housekeeping cart while the worker was on the job, according to Wade’s report. Inside of the purse were the employee's wallet and keys to her 2010 Honda Accord, he added.

As deputies were investigating, the victim discovered her car was gone, and as she cancelled her missing credit cards, she learned the plastic had been used at department stores within Riverside County, Wade reported.

The next day an officer from the Temecula Police Department was flagged down by a citizen in the Temecula Walmart parking lot, Wade continued.

“The citizen reported that a male and female had observed the police car enter the parking lot and began running and hiding from the officer. A description was given to the officer and the subjects were located,” Wade said.

The officer spotted the suspects attempting to hide near the front of a department store, the sergeant explained.

“As the officer approached the subjects, the male dropped an item on the ground and began to walk away. The item was later inspected and discovered to be illegal drugs,” Wade said.

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