Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thieving, Corrupt, Civil and Human Rights Abusing Tribes Band Together to Keep North Fork Rancheria from Becoming a Casino Tribe

Which corrupt tribes are those?  They Include

Picayune Rancheria, TABLE MOUNTAIN, Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, Pala. , MOORETOWN, UNITED AUBURN--many of the MAJOR violators against their own people's tribal, civil, and human rights through the genocide of disenrollment, banishments and nonrecognition....

They have joined the STOP THE NORTH FORK COMPACT group

 This proposed project is the first foothold in an effort to push the limits of off-reservation gaming. California did not vote to support Indian gaming in cities and off reservations. The North Fork Rancheria has land eligible for gaming but prefers a more lucrative location on the Madera city border. Approval of the North Fork compact will set a dangerous precedent for future projects as tribes and their out of state investors push closer and closer to city limits. Let’s keep our leaders accountable to the will of the people. Stop the North Fork Compact.

Read about Pechanga's culture of corruption.

Now that the bigger casino tribes have theirs, is it about doing what's right, or about market share?

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