Friday, March 15, 2013

Lytton Rancheria Owned San Pablo Casino Slammed for Unfair Labor Practices

In late August, the labor board filed a complaint against the casino, adding an amendment and additional complaint a month later.
In an opinion filed earlier this month, Administrative Law Judge Jay Pollack found that the casino violated the National Labor Relations Act:
  • by refusing to bargain with the union;
  • unilaterally establishing rules prohibiting union access to the casino;
  • unilaterally announcing and implementing new benefits for part-time employees;
  • refusing to provide contractual health benefits for four employees;
  • refusing to provide relevant information necessary for bargaining and grievance handling;
  • coercively interrogating an employee;
  • telling an employee not to discuss his investigation with other employees;
    Parties may file exceptions to the administrative law judge's decision within 28 days; Pollack's decision is dated March 5.
    Along with his decision, Pollack issued a cease-and-desist order to the casino from continuing its offending conduct, and ordering it to bargain with the union; rescind unilateral changes in terms and conditions of employment; make records available; and indemnify the four workers for health benefits denied in 2012, including reimbursement for expenses they incurred as a result.
    Pollack also ordered the casino to post a notice to employees pledging, in specific detail, to desist from the conducts at the heart of his findings.


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