Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fresno State Holds Panel to Review Chukchansi Dispute

Thank you to Professor Kenneth Hansen for getting factions together at Cal State Fresno on the Chukchansi dispute:

“Disenrollment is tantamount to individual terminations,” said Kenneth Hansen, associate professor of political science at Fresno State. “Termination is when the government tells people they are no longer American Indians.  How can they tell people who are obviously indigenous people that they are not Indian?”

The meeting came on the one-year anniversary of an incident at the headquarters of the Chukchansi tribe, that turned violent after several tribe members claimed an election was fixed.  Members of the tribe who said they had been legally elected but were being denied their positions holed up in the headquarters building, eventually leading to a brawl involving about 40 people.

Disenrollment was at the heart of the protest last year and continues to be a hot topic.  The election and the legality of disenrollment according to the tribe’s constitution is questioned by many associated with the Picayune Rancheria Chukchansi.

Read the FULL Story HERE Chukchansi Council Dispute

Morris Reid


Anonymous said...

Good article, I hope it brings light to the horrible situation that is happening throughout Indian Country. It needs to be fixed and soon before any more injuries occur, even death, all over a little extra money that they really do not need.

Erick Rhoan said...

It was ok, but it ended up being what I thought it was going to be: lots of anger and no solutions.

Then again, when you've pounded the pavement exhausting all of your avenues what else can you do but vent?