Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is it Time to Legalize Casino Gaming Off Tribal Lands in CA?

It's time for California to legalize gambling, regulate it, tax it and reap the benefits of casinos in our higher populated cities.

California faces a budget crisis that is reaching critical mass.    Two years ago, tribes promised us with exaggerated claims,  that we'd reduce our budget deficits if we passed Props. 94-97.    Schwarzenegger said it was good for California, knowing at the time that one of the tribes hadn't even taken it before their people.  Some tribes even tried to keep Californians from voting on the propositions

Where are we two years later, not only didn't expanded gaming fulfill it's promise to California,  tribes haven't even benefitted.   All the slots we were told would bring MORE dollars to California haven't even been placed into casinos.  Tribal gaming is suffering from economies.

Self-Reliance has become a joke, replaced by civil rights violations, tribal citizenships destroyed so that remaining tribal members could steal per capita from rightful citizens, that we've documented here many times.  Many tribes have not benefitted from gaming, that was promised by Pechanga's Chairman Mark Macarro when we passed Props. 1A and 5 a decade ago.   Tribes have gained political clout, from the monopoly established by allowing gaming on reservation land, which, while good for tribes, has not been as good for CA citizens, other than our politicians. 

We need revenue and the trickle that CA gets from tribal gaming needs to be a flood.    More jobs, more spending here in our state, less money spent to get to distant casinos or Las Vegas.   We need gaming legalized and regulated so that we can see where the money goes.    You do realize that we have NO RIGHT to audit tribal books?   They are self regulating.   I'm not saying we can't trust the tribes, but, hey, they've cheated their own people, why would they cheat Californians too?  Or as some tribal people put it... "normal people".

What do you think?
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