Monday, January 3, 2011

NAACP Committed to Publicize Plight of Native Americans? Is It What It Seems?

According to informed sources, the NAACP adopted this resolution at their summer conference in Kansas City, Mo.

1. NAACP Support of Native American Indians

WHEREAS, the history of the Native American Indians is intertwined with that of African-Americans; and

WHEREAS, during slavery, the Native American Indian nations provided safe havens for run-away slaves; and

WHEREAS, the African-American and Native American Indian have faced the same or similar discrimination and bigotry in America; and

WHEREAS, Native American Indians have participated in, and fought alongside African-Americans during the civil rights movement for equality of all people; and

WHEREAS, the poverty rate and unemployment rate for Native American Indians are higher than that of any ethnic group in America; and

WHEREAS, the illiteracy rate for Native American Indians is higher than that of any ethnic group in America; and

WHEREAS, the majority of Americans are unaware of the extremely poor living conditions most Native American Indians live in.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the NAACP is committed to immediately help publicize the plight of Native Americans; and, that the NAACP further highlight this issue during its National Convention in Los Angeles in 2011, and at the 2011 Image Awards Ceremony.

At first blush, that sounds like tremendous news, a renowned civil rights organization coming to the aid of another group. Yet all is not as it seems.   There should be some serious reflection by the NAACP as to what they are going to "publicize".

Let's look at a few Whereases:

Whereas, Slavery: And what about tribes like the Cherokee that OWNED slaves? The Cherokee dragged their slaves on the "Trail of Tears". They are currently mistreating their slaves descendents, hey NAACP, ever hear of the FREEDMEN? Shouldn't you call out the Five Civilized Tribes?  And the Freedmen just got screwed in the Cobell Settlement.

Whereas, Civil Rights Struggle: Yet, after that struggle for equality, they have turned on their own people and violated some tribal members, and others civil rights including apartheid like tactics. Should each tribe that has done so be called out as a separate sovereign nation? Should the NAACP be accepting funds from tribes that have done so? We know the CA NAACP has taken money from Pechanga, which is well known to have violated their people's civil rights. And Alice Huffman KNEW about the rights violations.

Whereas, poor living conditions: That's because many of CA tribes have not fullfilled their promise to lift all Indians, and in fact are trying to keep many tribes from benefitting from gaming in CA.

Whereas, Poverty & Unemployment: Gaming tribes in CA have sent their own people into poverty and have terminated many from employment in tribal enterprises.  The Pechanga Tribe alone has stolen $280,000,000 for terminated members, more if you include those who rightfully belong, who are kept out via a moratorium.    The Redding Rancheria terminated 25% of their tribe and the Picayune Rancheria almost 50%, equal to 15 million Californians.   Enough yet to give you pause, NAACP?

Is the NAACP doing it for the money?  Or can they stand up for Native Americans who have been wrong by Native Americans.

NAACP you stood up for people AGAINST APARTHEID in South Africa, PLEASE, DO NOT STAND UP FOR people who practice apartheid in America.


Unknown said...

The National Naacp memberhip met this summer in Kansas City and adopted a resolution supporting American Native including the Five Tribes of Oklahoma. History shows that the Conferdate States were supported by the slave owning tribes. Some of the tribal members even fought side by side with the confederate army to keep thier slaves.

When the Five Tribes were removed from the southern state, they kept their slaves and were forced to grant these slaves citizenship according to the Treaty of 1866.

Now we have the Naacp supporting a resolution that includes racial overtoans.

'aamokat said...

Allen, that is great that the NAACP is supporting the Freedmen but why aren't they saying anything about other people who have had their rights violated by their tribes?

Anonymous said...

A'amokat, I believe that is what our mission should be before the Image awards.

We need to publicize that some tribes aren't worth supporting, even though they can add thousands to the coffers of the NAACP.

Tribes like Picayune, Redding and Pechanga should be excluded AND called out from the resolution

Anonymous said...

I don't think that it was right to force the 5 civilized tribes to make their former slaves tribal members. I think it was retaliation for them siding with the confederates in the civil war. Can you imagine if all slave owners were forced to make their former slaves part of their families.
If the former slaves were assimilated into the tribe thru marriage then their decendents should be tribal members.

Anonymous said...

The tribes agreed to their treaty and accepted their former slaves as brothers.

It's this current generation of leaders that is screwing their Freedmen brothers.

Anonymous said...

A'amokat, there is NO evidence that the NAACP is supporting the Freedmen from the resolution. In fact, they are more likely to support the oppressors.

Anonymous said...

As a sovereign nation the Cherokee people choose who their members are. The United States forced them to make their slaves tribal members after they sided with the Confederacy in the Cival War. They are undoing a wrong that was forced upon them. It is inconceivable to me that, that happened to them and it has taken this long to correct such an unjust situation for the Cherokee people.

Anonymous said...

And as a sovereign nation, the U.S. should not give the Cherokee any more federal funds, showing, or rather, exercising their moral outrage.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to intrude you to your new cousins, Jamel and Quefonda. Were going to give them half of your land and benefits.
We know that their not from your tribe or even Native American but when your Tribe sided with the Confederates we made you take your former slaves into your tribe as punishment.

Anonymous said...

oh, you mean like the pechanga tribe, which has a non-ndn existance. the majority of this tribe could not be recognized as ndn as some have no blood degree and the rest can lose what little ndn blood they have if they happened to stubb thier toe or worse get a bloody nose.

Anonymous said...

If you live and are treated as part of the tribe for decades, it becomes who and what you are.

So whether or not the tribe is "fixing" errors is irrelevant. Not to mention it is NON tribal members who pay for the indians benefits so tribal members in essence are not splitting anything with anyone.

By disenrolling people who have always been apart of the tribe is wrong......These people will lose everything including who they are.

The mentality of throwing out your own is how the indians are in the mess they are today.

People need to quit blaming the US for many things and start being held accountable for themselves. Over 100 years ago the indians were treated terribly, 40 years ago is was the blacks but today racism begins at home. I think we have become a nation of handouts. If you are entitled to the benefits the US provides, the tribes should allow it and quit claiming sovereignty.

Suck it up and deal or quit your stinking whining. It was not YOU who was treated horribly it was your ancestors of long ago and this is their legacy......