Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Theft of Per Capita from California Indians is over a Third of a BILLION DOLLARS

Closer to HALF of a BILLION DOLLARS! And that's just for Pechanga, Redding and Picayune ALONE.

UPDATE:  Includes ReddingRancheria and Mooretown Rancheria per capita totals now.
UPDATE:  Includes Enterprise Rancheria losses from Revenue Sharing.

Eric Bolling of Fox Business Channel's Follow the Money  ( Follow The Money" with Eric Bolling...taking you inside the world of corruption, abuse of power, and shocking betrayals of public trust. We follow the money wherever it goes.) asked me to send him links about the actions of tribes and their disenrollment practices after tribal gaming. I've sent him numerous links, but thought I'd make a post of it. I've asked friends from Redding Rancheria and Picayune Rancheria to let me know of their losses, and I invite citizens from other tribes to let us know what they've lost.

From the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians in Temecula CA:

The Hunter Family has lost $1,295,000 per person, in per capita payments alone.   We arrived at that figure by taking the last full year of per capita $268,000/12 months and multiplying that loss times 58 months of disenrollment.   95 adults at the time of disenrollment equals:  $123,056,000

The Apis Family was disenrolled the year prior in 2005.  The per capita was slightly less about $17,000 per month times 62 months of termination:  $1,054,000 times 135 adults equals:  $142,290,000

Moratorium people NEVER shared in what was rightfully theirs.  The per capita went up to $360,000 per year for those remaining after elimination of tribal citizens.

From the Picayune Rancheria in Coarsegold, CA:

In the case of Chukchansi Gold, the casino has been averaging $4 million per month in payments to the Tribe over the past 18 months (as reported to me by a former Tribal Council member).

The tribe disenrolled 625 members who were making $3,200 per month.  This equates to $96,000,000 stolen.   The word from that reservation is that they wanted to further reduce their population.

Lets add what we have so far:

Pechanga:    $310.3 MILION       Includes additional $21 Million in Health Insurance.  Corrected Insurance due to coverages, some double covered as family. Per capita losses are $200,000 PER DAY.
Picayune:     $  96.0  MILLION   Money is from share of dollars casino sends to tribe per person.
Redding:       $  32.3 MILLION    Per capita only. Totals being tabulating but includes tribal JOBS lost.
Mooretown:  $  10.7 MILLION  
Enterprise:  $     2.1 MILLION   No Per Capita. Tribe gets revenue allocation.  Losses include housing help. 

I'll update per capita losses from other tribes as I get information.    Also bear in mind, the tribe save on health care coverage for citizens and dependents they terminated.    $12,000 per year for Pechanga times 600 people should be over $35 MILLION more. CORRECTION:  Cost is per family, so number is reduced from $35 Million.

And the tribal coucils will say, it's NOT about the MONEY!  But it IS because so many have lost homes, health insurance because their rightful per capita was taken away.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention how much money is lost to the economy, with the potential taxes and spending of a larger more diverse group of people. I would not be surprised if the so-called "Pechanga" criminals claim they live on the rez when they actually don't so they don't have to pay all taxes due.

Anonymous said...

What about the loss of educational assistance. Many in the Hunter Clan had young people in college. Pechanga saved a fortune from not paying tuitions.

Of course, they were already saving from not having to pay the moron children of Basquez's. But then, they could be completing their education in prison.

And there was also educational assistance for those parents that put their children in private school.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

I lost everything when pechanga disenrolled us. Home,car, insurance (which I still dont have), I was kicked out of school because they didn't pay my tuition. Being a young person it's been very difficult to find a good job and my credit is ruined so these last couple years have been very hard not just on my self but all of my family.

Anonymous said...

Voting Rights as a Tribal citizen were lost.

They kept child molesters and car jackers and eliminated two peaceful families.

For some, the right to visit their ancestors graves.

One family was BANISHED for picking sage.

Anonymous said...

So much has been taken from all of us, I was a single parent raising small children when we were disenrolled, I eventually lost my home, a vehicle, benefits for myself and my children those were of course material... but we (our children included) were also robbed of our inherit right to our culture, our people, our heritage...Now what I have taken away from this is I will continue to fight for what is mine for myself and my children.

I have continued my education, am attempting to support my family. My children have learned the value of education, hard work and above all honesty and integrity. We do not have to lie and cheat to attain something that is not ours we fight to regain what is rightfully ours, but not by dishonest means (as some have that are presently enrolled). Those very people will turn on their own families to gain what they can. They can barely survive on the per cap they receive, living paycheck to paycheck, they don't seek an education or a better life, just how can they possibly get a bigger per cap check.

I guarantee you, the children of those of us placed outside of the tribe by disenrollment or moratorium will be children to be reckoned with... They will be strong, educated, determined native american adults who will acheive what they set out to.

My hope is that what is wrong will be made right and our children can move forward within a strong united tribe.

Anonymous said...

And Don't forget that we can no longer be burried alongside our Dead Loved Ones at the Reservation Cemetary. And the Seniors (Silver Feathers) of the Hunter & Manuela Families have lost the Benefits of Traveling with their friends on Senior outings all over the world along with Free Meals at the Casino. This amounts to $10s of $1000s every year! This is Our deserved right that has been stolen from us.

Anonymous said...

Remember it's not about money, it's about keeping the tribe pure. Although most current tribal members do not live on the reservation and have never lived on the reservation. While the disenrolled families that have resided here for over a century are forced to work and attend schools off the reservation without tribal assistance. The tribe even tried to limit access to the Indian Health Clinic when legitimate members were disenrolled.

Anonymous said...

To the disenrolled. If one day the tribal council came to you and said, we have made a mistake. You are now welcome back. Everything is returned to you as you left. The land, the cars, your homes, and the money. Everything, but on conditions. That another family must be removed, and those on the Moratorium could and would never be mention. Would you do it? Knowing the pain you have felt from this loss. All that has been said here. Could you do that to another family? Would you once again do that to the family's on the on the moratorium.

Anonymous said...

The only way that would work is to start from scratch, follow the enrollment criteria remove the families that do not belong (they know who they are) those that do not meet the criteria. At that point everyone that meets criteria should be enrolled, that would include those in the moratorium as I have stated before I have no problem providing my "paperwork" showing lineal descent, I am sure there are other families confident enough to do the same, in a public forum even better for all to see who can back up their claims.

'aamokat said...

Anonymous said...

"To the disenrolled. If one day the tribal council came to you and said, we have made a mistake. You are now welcome back. Everything is returned to you as you left. The land, the cars, your homes, and the money. Everything, but on conditions. That another family must be removed, and those on the Moratorium could and would never be mention. Would you do it? Knowing the pain you have felt from this loss. All that has been said here. Could you do that to another family? Would you once again do that to the family's on the on the moratorium."

No way should anyone be kicked out because disenrollment has been outlawed and we have to return the tribe to the rule of law.

Everyone in the moratorium should be let in so no way to that either because the constitution and bylaws says open enrollment is the first month of each year and that was never changed.

By the way, we haven't lost our land on the reservation as our land patent as Temecula Indians is and always has been valid.

LUISENO said...

That sucks about all the money you received from the per cap checks and lost it all! I on the other hand,I lost my house, car and truck and I never got one per cap check to get those things in the first place ,all the hard times that my family has endured and to think just one months per cap check would of saved my house my car and my work truck.Never invited to any culture or tribal events no x-mas parties or snow days and my kids couldn't go to the Pechanga school to learn Luiseno like the other kids. But I voted yes on prop 5, I voted yes on prop 1A. I'm so glad it passed so you could prosper from it. I never got the feeling of how nice it would be to pay all my bills on time, to not be worried how I was going to afford food for my family,just wonder all day where I could go on vacation in my $100,000 motorhome
What I'm saying is that if you add up how much we the moratorium people have lost out on ,not just the money it is unforgivable. I would have loved my kids to attend the Pechanga school and learn their language and other cultural stuff. If they ever are so lucky and get to be tribal members from their own tribe they will still never know what it is like because they not only got money stolen from them, even more valuable than money they got TIME stolen from them TIME ,Never to be replaced!!!! 2015 is just around the corner though so they can add sum more time on to the moratorium.... greed,greed.greed $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Frances Miranda, Ruth Masiel and Ihrene Scearse, were directly involved in cheating the Tosobols out of their rightful place in the tribe.

Hunter and Apis family members on the enrollment committee raised questions and our families were subsequently removed from the tribe. For trying to do what was right for the Tosobols, all our family LOST.

Anonymous said...

I turned down a promotion on an off-shift to ensure my weekend time would be free so that I could be present at the tribal membership meetings.

Paul said...

To the disenrolled. If one day the tribal council came to you and said, we have made a mistake. You are now welcome back. Everything is returned to you as you left. The land, the cars, your homes, and the money. Everything, but on conditions.

Why would there be "conditions" on enrollment in the tribe where your ancestor was an ORIGINAL member? Any Tosobol BELONGS in the tribe, ANY HUNTER, and ANY APIS.

Were the Constitution and Bylaws only established to pick and choose which to enforce?

PHunter said...

Do the totals in the post include monies lost to any young people that would have turned 18 in the past 5-7 years in these tribes?

That would raise the totals.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha. This screed continues the falsity and the shamelessness of the disenrollees. Here, the discussion of money supposedly lost by or denied to the disenrollees rests on a wrong assumption, that these non-members still hold a claim to tribal membership. In fact, that status ended years ago. Further, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, a federal law, mandates that the earnings from a tribal casino must go to tribal members via a per capita distribution and other per capita benefits. Again, the disenrollees as non-members cannot legally receive these per capita benefits. These non-members must understand this legal restriction, yet they continue to raise this matter of money as if it defines their plight as shortchanged victims. This behavior shamelessly misleads the reading public. In addition, this behavior allows the disenrollees to presume and proclaim they suffer from an injustice at the hands of a tribal government. This view, though false, emboldens the disenrollees to hurl groundless accusations at tribal government and the tribal peoples. The disenrollees suffer not from an injustice but from bitterness, disappointment, and anger, due to their disenrollment and to their consequent loss of income. This outcome has induced in the disenrollees a generalized hostility to Indian Country. In turn, the disenrollees feel a necessity to lash out at selected others as a means to exact a revenge for their plight. The disenrollees have dragged themselves into a negative frame of mind that distorts their perception of reality. This mentality must poison the consciousness of the disenrollees. Their anti-social utterances confirm this terrible state of mind. The bright side of daily existence offers so much more than the dark side the disenrollees now inhabit. Let us hope for their sake, the disenrollees one day soon become adjusted to enjoy life an as ordinary American.

Anonymous said...

Dear Haha:, I love hearing your comments but why do you not ever respond when your comments are responded to. You seem bothered by the fact that we continue to shine a light on the truth. I am far from bitter and a number of the Hunter family are not bitter it is justified indignation at a wrong committed not in regard to money per say but an all around unjust act which has cost money but YOU are only hearing that, so much more is being lost sorry you cant get your head around that. I honestly don't think you speak from knowing any one of us or from being involved in any of the disenrollment proceedings we went through. As stated before I do not need to lie and cheat to claim my heritage, I am who I am, I know the blood that courses through my veins and the proof is there.

Do not be angry at the exposure that is negative, if it isn't true why stress your self over it.

I am not ashamed for fighting for truth and right. You should try it, it feels good!

Luiseno said...

What "disenrollees"? There were no disenrollment process in Tribal law when we so called lost our status as Tribal Members.

Your "Ha Ha" speaks volumes, you persist in name calling and your mocking attitude shows just where your heart exists.

You continue to fail to understand (makes me wonder if you are indeed a true Indian) that removal of a person and there family from the Tribe is the same as putting them to DEATH. How can I " one day soon become adjusted to enjoy life an as ordinary American when I am in effect DEAD?

Anonymous said...

I love it when that tribal hackster comes to this site.

It gives us a good example of the type of person, devoid of humanity, and who speaks with a hint of cruelty.

There is no offer of proof that the matter was handled on the up and up, while there is plenty to show that there was collusion and violation of tribal law.

Come back, hack, with what you have. Meanwhile, we'll keep offering the proof, until we can make enough people hear it.

'[aamokat said...

"the disenrollees one day soon become adjusted to enjoy life an as ordinary American."

the thing is we are American citizens and we were American citizens when we were illegally disenrolled.

Before and during our disenrollment proceedings we pointed out through a series of letters to the enrollment committee and the tribal council that the very people who ended up being the deciding votes that disenrolled us were the very same people who initially challenged our membership who served our family member who was on the enrollment committee with disenrollment papers before any evidence had been presented warranting opening up a disenrollment investigation.

Their first challenge was disallowed but after this they got their close relatives and friends to submit statements to the enrollment committee against our tribal membership.

We asked that they be made to be recused from ruling on our case due to clear conflicts of interest which is a violation of the equal protection clause of the Band's equal protection clause under Article V but they were still allowed to rule on our case.

If any ordinary Americans were subject to civil or criminal charges and the same people who filed the initial charges were sitting in judgement of their case and/or their close family members were witnesses against the accused the charges would be thrown out on those grounds alone let alone that the tribe's own rules also forbid this.

Plus in our family's case the whole tribe had voted the previous year to outlaw disenrollment and, as I and others here have pointed out, the procedures didn't even exist as a part of tribal law to move against us when the decisions to disenoll us were made.

Unsubstantiated claims? Hardly!

Gentle readers, notice how how esteemed, or should I say steamed as he, even if he won't admit it, is upset that we continue to address these injustices, he doesn't try to say that we afforded fairness and due process.

All he says is Ha! Ha!

How credible is that?

Anonymous said...

Dear Ha, Ha,

Thanks again for your fruitful (although rotten) insight to the disgrace that has been conducted on peaceful Native American families of Temecula Indian Dissent as Citizen of the United States of America by the Pechanga Elected Officials and a small group of questionable Pechangas (CPP) the Concerned Pechanga People (corrupt Pechanga people) who may or may not have Temecula dissent only distain.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...


This video was filmed by a pechanga indian in Tucson Arizona.

When people get tired of being trashed by others in the public and statements are by other churches this is how 2000 people came together outside and stood strong for what they believe in!

Some of you have already seen this video on my site.

This is real power!

go to youtube and paste this above code and you will see it.

Anonymous said...

The only that can be said about the blog hacker is if he is right and its not about money and its all about the fact that the disenrollees are not true pechanga,

THEN why has enrollment ended? Why is there a moratorium because as the hacker stated, its not about money........

What is it really about then?

Anonymous said...

Thats true its about money ,and tribal hack whats up with enrollment?

You respond to the disenrolled all the time but fail to respond to the moratorium?

What is the reason for it?

Please defend why people should move on with their lives and forget about enrollment in the tribe?

Please tell people why they should forget their Pechanga Indian?

Why they should forget about their land?

Tell people why just because they applied late (they are screwed)?

(That makes no sense ,tribes all over the U.S take applications all the time)?

(What are you waiting for)?

Please respond with an educated answer Haha.

Anonymous said...

They are not going respond, they are afraid to sound stupid....Like they do all the time.

Anonymous said...

How much money does the losses from Apis and Hunters add up to per day?

Anonymous said...

For the sake of accuracy, wouldn't the insurance number be lower due to the fact that it was FAMILY plans for many, those costs should be $12,000 per FAMILY, not individual.

Anonymous said...

money means nothing ,is that all you care about? It seems thats all you former members talk about (burn in hell). YOUR the devil. The root of all evil that screwed up enrollment!

Vision Quest said...

I agree you former members cry about follow the money trail, YOU DON"T have permission from tribal elder or MEDICINE "peole" to speak these words on this site!

ZIP YOUR LIP! whites!

Trial By Fire said...

"it is the glory of god to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings." -proverbs 25:2

first off, I will not dignify any hateful words, but I will speak truth. This forum is talking about what has been stolen. I say our time, money and identities have been stolen. what exactly do I mean by "identities, time and money"? We, The Banished People of Pechanga have spent our time and efforts, including money to protect our Identities. We used our time, money and efforts to seek out the matter of truth. And just as Dr. John Johnson found the truth, we also did the research and found the documentation that proved our lineage. We, The Banished People of Pechanga know the truth and will keep fighting, as anyone would, if they had identity theft.

Identity theft is the closest words I can use to describe this matter, and it may be the only words that will resonate with the people reading this statement. I know that if someone was parading around with your name, spending your finances, and using your persona to commit fraud, most people would be enraged. That is the closets idea to this matter.
If we were not Pechanga our families would have enough ethics to say "we are not Pechanga". And just as any ethical person would do they would try to do the right thing by respecting any governmental entity and go through the correct procedure. As our family did. Unfortunately, the Tribal Government didn't honor and submit to the laws that Pechanga was founded on, instead they came up with words like "Adopted" to justify
their place in the tribe.
Another sad revelation, when we took this matter to the US Supreme Courts one of the Judges who was male and Caucasian, wouldn't give any room for our native lawyer to speak and there was only minutes to state our case...

We the Banished People of Pechanga remain resilient. Even though we have been through a trial by fire we remain and stay close to the truth.

-Trial By Fire

creeper said...


I am native, a descendant of the Hunters and I do not need anyones permission to speak and tell the truth about corruption and denial of heritage by the CORRUPT PECHANGA LEADERSHIP, MARK MACARRO AND HIS COHORTS, especially when some of the elders in the tribe are just as corrupt.

A word to the dingy" HaHa",
your comments are idiotic and not based on facts.

creeper said...

Trial by Fire

I hope that you meant to INCLUDE the "caught by the endless and illegal Moritorium people" and the "illegally and falsely Disenrolled members of the tribe" with the "Banished".
I am sure that it was just an oversight.

Trial By Fire said...

Hi Creeper, I am also one of the Hunter family. Yes, I agree with your statements. There is a huge laundry list of illegal offenses the Cpp has committed.

As for the anonymous who say we are the devil...
- "A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart;for out of the overflow of the heart his mouth speaks" -Luke 6:45
So by all means, we welcome the comments of cpp. please keep posting your comments.

Anonymous said...

Better is the poor that walketh in his uprightness, than he that is perverse in his ways, though he be rich.
(Proverbs 28:6)

Trial By Fire said...

gotta love Proverbs!

Anonymous said...

And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.
(Revelation 16:1)

Anonymous said...

This one is good
(Jeremiah 25:27) . . .“Drink and get drunk and puke and fall so that YOU cannot get up because of the sword that I am sending among YOU.”. . .

Anonymous said...

They better party like it is there last per-cap

Anonymous said...

what? are you really hearing they are getting dis enrolled?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been enrolled this month?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is sad how greedy some of these tribal members have become. I was married to a tribal member for over 15 years and have 3 minor tribal children. I barley get child support or any help of any kind because "the family" is upset over the divorce. So the children and I live off public assistance and my salary as a teacher...all while the tribal member lives a great life with the full per capita payment...for which I do have copies of a pay stub and I am trying to go thru child support for help...finally!! It is amazing how money turned some people so eveil and greedy that they would hurt thier own people and children for personal gain...the only good thing is that my children are still enrolled and hopefully can get an education and tribal benefits when they are 18!!
Pure evil some of them are...

jovine said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow im sorry but you pechangans are soo greedy, i mean you think all this money makes you happy but does it really i live a happy simple life sure i dont have really nice cars houses or expensive life style but i can tell you my wife loves me for me not because i get 20,000 a month for doing nothing, i have real friends not people that i have to buy. They say more money more problems i bet there right, i for one dont think you deserve anything at all...and if you guys wanted to be true native americans you would give it all back to the earth not worrying about what car your going to buy to help you destroy it truth is your ancestors would be ashemd of each an# everyone of you

Unknown said...

Mooretown Ranchria is Under Siege real native forgotten why the white man secret societies and other police organization politicians receive all our money the True Natives are cut out. But we did get a 50 dollar gift card for christmas🙏😠😳