Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The LAST Shameful Act of Arnold Schwarzenegger: We Can't Say Good Riddance Fast Enough

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who lied to the people of California, tried to pull the wool over our eyes with expanded gaming, made foolish errors trying to cheat tribes, has left office after the shameful act of commuting a sentence of the son of political ally, Fabian Nunez, his longtime collaborator on job-killing environmental regulations.

Fabian Nuñez, a Democrat, grew close to the governor while speaker. The two worked together to pass the state’s landmark global warming law, which was a signature achievement of Schwarzenegger’s time in office. Fabian Nuñez is a business partner of the governor’s chief political advisor at the consulting firm Mercury Public Affairs.

“We are totally outraged,” said Fred Santos, the father of Luis Santos. “For the governor to wait until the last day in hopes it would fly under the radar is an absolute injustice.

Is it any wonder why tribal citizens who were harmed by their tribes couldn't get any support from the thankfully now FORMER Governor?

Esteban Nuñez, who was sentenced to 16 years in prison for his role in the October 2008 stabbing death of college student Luis Dos Santos near San Diego State, had his prison term commuted to seven years by the governor. In a statement, the governor noted that Nuñez, while involved in the fight, did not inflict the fatal knife wound to Santos’ chest. He cites a finding by the court that it was a friend of Nuñez who stabbed Santos through the chest, “severing his heart.”

“”I do not discount the gravity of the offense,” Schwarzenegger’s statement said. “But given Nuñez’s limited role in Santos’ death, and considering that…Nuñez had no criminal record prior to this offense, I believe Nuñez’s sentence is excessive.”


stand your ground said...

Auf Wiedersehen Arnold,
You had the chance to do right by Us, the California People, but you didn't. At the beginning you where all promises, at the end you where a weakling and a coward.
If you should make another movie
take the role of the coward, more like you in real life, at least that would not take any acting on your part.
Now go and don't let the door hit you in the a$$ ON THE WAY OUT.

stand your ground said...

Read the story in the Press Enterprise how Fabian Nunez,the daddy of this killer son, tried to by off the prison warden with gifts.
BIG daddy Nunez, The Political Whore is still working his"Charm".