Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cherokee Officials Ask Supreme Court to Again Strip Cherokee Freedmen's Citizenship

Cherokee Nation officials on Jan. 25 filed an appeal in the tribe’s Supreme Court asking it to reverse a lower court decision that reaffirmed Cherokee Freedmen rights to CN citizenship. They obviously believe that stripping thousands of descendents of their slave, they brought as property on the Trail of Tears, from their citizenships is a good thing.

Judge John Cripps’ ruling affirmed the citizenship status of approximately 2,800 Cherokee Freedmen descendants who regained citizenship based on a CN Supreme Court ruling in 2006.

In his ruling, Cripps wrote that the CN has entered into agreements or treaties with other nations and that in some instances those nations failed to honor their agreements and treaties, which resulted in loss and harm to Cherokee people.

“Various courts, including the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court, thereafter affirmed the Freedmen’s admission in the same manner as Cherokee citizens of Cherokee blood. As a result of the above actions and rulings, the Freedmen were included on the Dawes Commission Rolls,” Cripps wrote. “The Cherokee Constitutional Amendment of March 3, 2007, by virtue of the provisions of the Treaty of 1866 and subsequent actions taken in furtherance thereof are hereby determined to be void as a matter of law.”

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creeper said...

This is no susprise, we expected this from the Cherokee Nation.