Thursday, January 13, 2011

CA Indian Tribes: Termination, Disenrollment and Re-Classification and Apartheid from Mooretown Rancheria

We've written often about disenrollment and civil rights violations in CA and elsewhere, but reclassification has not been touched on often. Did Mooretown Rancheria think to put STARS on the clothing of its reclassified citizens?  It reeks of APARTHEID doesn't it?

On March 10, 2005 Mooretown tribal council reclassified 40 adults and about 45 children. Giving us notice that we would no longer be classified as lineals who were eligible to receive per capita, full health services from tribal health, and also educational monies cut.

Services were limited to minimal and our medication as well limited. Tribal council stating we were not the direct decendants of Robert Jackson our grandmother's second husband,who she lived with from 1928 until her death in 1962 in the Feather Falls Area and on the Mooretown Rancheria the last 22 years of her life. She married Robert Jackson 1913. After her first husband was killed in a minning accident. She and Robert lived at Enterprise from 1913 to 1928 when they were listed as living in Feather Falls. 1940  they were living at Mooretown Rancheria. A wife of a lineal was their reason for reclassification.
Claiming Robert Jackson's step-children were not lineals though two were listed as minor's living with Ina and Robert on the 1928 application as membership in Mooretown Rancheria. Lois Edwards grandaughter of Ina and Robert Jackson. My grandmother was from Gensee Valley the daughter of a Northern Madiu Mary Yatkin and a white man John Davies.

Ina 1/2 Native American and my mother biological father Frank Martin full blood , my mother Cecilia Frankie Martin 3/4 blood. I am 1/2 blood. Our Chairman is only 3/16 blood.   I was told at one time you had to be 1/4 even to qualify for educational grant monies, or be a member of the tribal council whatever happen to that law?   BIA ignores it?

We'll have more on lineal descent.   Many Plains Indians would laugh at the blood quantum levels in CA tribes.


Anonymous said...

Reclassification and apartheid go hand and hand.

Mooretown, another place to avoid

Anonymous said...

This particular case does not qualify as legitimate and will make a case for the rest of the disenfranchised cases as null. If you are an adopted or step-child of a tribal member without ndn or lineal ancestry to a particular tribe, consider yourself blessed for the time they took care of you because you are not justified to tribal membership in anothers Tribe! It appears that the true membership of Mooretown Rancheria are truely cleaning up their enrollment and rightfully so. Why doesn't this family go to the reservation of their lineal descent ancestors Tribe of Northern Maidu to be enrolled, where they truly belong. Why is all this mixing blood being thrown together just because of the Pechanga situation. This case is an outrage and should be warranted. All Tribes need to stop with the foolish adoptions and claiming people as ndns who are not.jmt

Anonymous said...

As part of this family that was kicked out, I for one think it is over greed not cleaning anything up. If it was not for our family Mooretown Rancheria would not be where it is today. Funny thing is some of our family married into the other families so they were able to keep their roll numbers.... Isn't that funny. GREED is where all of this is comming from. OUR FAMILY WILL NOT STOP, and as long as we are all breathing... WE WILL FIGHT. One of these days we will declare war on Mooretown and take back our tribe. If the Government won't step in, looks like we will have to do things like they did back in the old days... TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS.. Also you might think our family should just move on.. Well one thing people are overlooking is LAND RECORDS. Ina Jackson was on some of the Deeds, therefor we have more rights to the land than most of the people claiming to be part of the tribe. THIS IS NOT OVER.. We will fight to the end.

stand your ground said...

Stand your ground Anonymus above..

The Anon. from Jan 29 is just mouthing off, just like our Pechanga" Ha Ha" person, they come around once in a while and post their crap.
They are getting worried about us we are on their butts and we are telling it like it is.
It is all about greed and corruption and their actions prove it.

Anonymous said...

They know they owe