Monday, January 31, 2011

Sen. Daniel Akaka Heads Indian Affairs Committee: We request a HEARING on Civil Rights Violations Senator

Senator Daniel Akaka (HI)has been tapped to lead the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.

"I am looking forward to chairing the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs and working to help all the indigenous people of our country. I believe the United States can serve as a model for the rest of the world in the treatment of its first people," Akaka said in a statement.
Congratulations Senator, maybe you can start helping the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE from Tribes where the tribal council has violated the civil rights of their people. PechangaRedding, Picayune, Enterprise, Guidiville, Table Mountain. Start THERE, Senator, here's a letter for you:

Dear Senator Akaka,

The number of civil rights violations in Indian Country has reached epidemic proportions. Thousands upon thousands have been stripped or denied the basic due process and equal protection rights provided for in the United States Constitution, the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 (“ICRA”), and tribal laws.

Most recently, a report by the Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) referenced the fact that internal tribal disputes “seem to be occurring more and more frequently”. In response to the growing number of these types of disputes, the GAO felt it was necessary and appropriate that nominees to the Secretary of Interior be asked how they would address such issues.

The responsibility to address this issue does not lie with the Secretary alone. The number of civil rights violations in Indian Country will continue to grow unless Congress once again takes action, just as it did in enacting the ICRA, to further protect individuals from the “arbitrary and capricious” actions of tribal governments. Considering the current situation and an environment which rewards the villain and punishes the victim, I ask you, “How do you plan to address this problem?”

I believe that hearings on the current civil rights situation in Indian Country are not only warranted, they are long over due. Therefore, I respectfully request that your Committee hold hearings on the civil rights problem in Indian Country as an initial step to further action that will uphold and enforce the rights of those who, to date, have been stripped of or denied the basic rights many take for granted


Anonymous said...

I know Senator Daniel Akaka ~ in his new capacity, sitting in the Senate Committee for Indian Affairs will look at issue's the Federal Government has evaded ~ and I cannot think of a more aware Congressman that understand Indigenous Nations issues ... I also trust he will use the history of the Hawaiian Islands as guideposts to enhance / shed new perspectives to ongoing debates; foremost to start in the area where he has authority.

The thread of this inquiry posted need to direct tribal issues of misconduct within the tribe's governing body for correcting ~ have appeal evidence recorded ~ and proceed in requesting formal Dept. of Interior assistance from the Congressional Senate Committee, hopefully by personal and represented testimony to conduct a proceeding inquiry appeal into tribal jurisdictions.

Have faith ~ you now have a KAHUNA who add mana and wisdom from the Hawaiian Islands to assist in your behalf ... bear in mind, tribal affair's need to have their people involved in correcting ~ it is a personal injustice committed by your own people.

OPechanga said...

Many of the tribal people who did this injustice to our families are expected to be indicted soon.

There still needs to be teeth in the ICRA.

People are dying while they've been stripped of their rights. Where is justice for them?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully and thoroughly, praying someone truly investigates so-called native "Mark Macarro"... Greed defines him, evil runs his blood and passion for selfishness will eventually drive him 6 feet under. In the future, he doesn't even deserve a proper native burial...

stand your ground said...

Dear Senator Akaka,

An open investigation as to the actions of Pechanga's Chairman Mark Macarro and his wife
Holly Cook Macarro of IETAN would be a good start.
You might find that there is a conspiracy connection to the disenrollments and ouster in large number's of tribal citizens of the Pechanga Tribe.

So many corrupt Tribal Leaders across California and other states in our country are ignoring the Indian Civil Rights Act [ICRA].
Tribes are stripping their citizens of their Indian Heritage.
Many are looking at this shameful situation and compare this to APARTHEID.
While the United States does not condone APARTHEID in other countries, our Government is also knowingly looking the other way and ignoring the problems in our own back yard.

Anonymous said...

Indicted,I am lost ,the courts have to rule a crime has been committed first,has that happened?

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed! There is obstruction of justice each day you wake up on any legitimate reservation!!

Congressional investigation's are requested immediately or if not sooner!

Investigation requests - tribal memberhip legitimacy, within legitimate tribal nations.

Now, our tribal nation, became legit in 1934 under IRA tribal nation legitimacy.
Original Saginaw Chippewa Tribe of Michigan.
We have similiar concerns and requests as the Original Pechanga's,
We feel ya's! We feel ya's!!

The travesties are beyond the scope, off the charts sort of speak, the degree of atrocious torments & torture are astounding!

Ietan & company, needs to be accountable for their atrociuos deplorable actions...

The time has come to put an end to this disgrace...we must managed our own affairs and control our own lives...through it all ...
remained to be..THE TRUE AMERICAN!!!

We, the legitimate members of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe of Michigan,
request a Congressional investigation into the legitimacy of our 1986 revised constitution...The legitimacy, has been in questioned?!?
It has been a sham and a hoax, ever since!
We, the legitimate members of the Saginaw Chippewa's, also request a Congressional investigation into the illegitimate assuming Indians, that that have massed into our tribal gov't's, businesses, tribal clinics (IHS),the tribal public safety arena's...etc!

And it is so true that our loved ones are leaving mother earth.
The heartbreaks never end, until it is our turn!
Take care... Original Pechanga's, the "Original 39'ers", we support you all!

The book by Susan Bradford's "Lynched" details alot of the outraged viciuos cruelness the fictitious have possessed!

Anonymous said...

Tribal council corruption is being addressed. Non-legit people who vow to follow corrupt leadership only to benefit themeselves and take out any opposition is running rampit.

A poster recently said that the members were talking about petitions to change the politcal system at Pechanga. What they did not see, is that these were empty rumors. The Hunters never filed a petition to change the government policies. these were lies spread by the non-legit members.

Investigations are under process, and a full blown indictment will follow.

'aamokat said...

"The Hunters never filed a petition to change the government"

A poster on another thread recently said we tried to change the bylaws but even though that was our right to do so as legitimate Pechanga citizens, we not only never filed a petition we never even drafted a petition, period.

There was also a rumor that we were trying to recall the tribal council, which the CPP claimed that we were trying to overthrow the government that way, which also was our legal right to do so but again it was never in our plansz to do so.

That poster implied that the people were scared by our attempts at changing everything and that is why we were disenrolled and that the people were behind us getting kicked out of our tribe.

If that was the case, then why did the people vote to outlaw and stop our disenrollment when that law passed in 2005?

So actually the CPP were the ones who hijacked the government by taking out a large opposition voting block just before two tribal council elections in 2004 and 2006, not us.

Anonymous said...







It appears you are a part of the sinful, hateful culprits, whom has despised the true Native American!
It appears your signature crimes are characterized with different flavors throughout the federally recognized tribal nations, under the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934!


Have you chickened-up!

See that you are putting your women, whom your having affairs with, out to talk for ya, at Indian community meetings, huh?!?

What's up with that, Larry? Afraid of the disgrace on yo face, or even to show your face!?!

You are not respected in Indian Country!!!

You need to be disband, dis-enrolled, disarmed, dis-counted, disgraced, dis-eviled, dis-troyed, dis-butted, dis-engaged, dis-respected just dissed from every aspect of our Indian lives, and Indian Country, are a despicable greedy, miserable failure as a human being and a piece of...I'll let you finished, that sentence Larry!