Tuesday, January 4, 2011

John Cornsilk For Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation; Chad Smith Must GO

John Cornsilk, a friend of Original Pechanga's Blog and from years of reading his website and correspondence is now running for Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.   It's past time that Chad "Our Slaves were well treated" Smith be voted out of office.  . We will continue to promote this change of leadership. Follow us on Twitter: @opechanga
We've previously discussed Chad Smith, an inductee into Original Pechanga's Blog's HALL of SHAME  HERE HERE and
John William Cornsilk

For Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation

For All your Cherokee Rights The Right Cherokee for the Job.
See my platform as your Chief here

My Pledge to the Cherokee People if I am elected, I will bring honesty
and true transparency to the Government,

Of course a cliche old as politics. But, I believe from my platform as the
planks are added you will see this is a plan that can only produce what the
Cherokee people desire of their elected officials.

So to all Cherokee People, if you want change, then you must work to get out
the vote on June 25, 2011, and I as a candidate for Chief ask for your vote. We together can fix the ails of the CNO.

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stand your ground said...

I read your pledge John W. Cornsilk
hope you will succeed, hope you stick to it. The Cherokee Nation needs new leadership... no doubt about that...Good luck