Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Felton Newell, Democratic Candidate, Against Cherokee Freedmen, Donate To Rep. Diane Watson

Felton Newell, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. House, says Congress should not intervene in the Cherokee Freedmen dispute.

Newell is challenging Rep. Diane Watson (D-California), who has sponsored bills to cut federal funds to the Cherokee Nation unless the Freedmen are restored to citizenship.

"The people of the Cherokee Nation should have the sovereignty to decide for themselves what membership means,” Newell told The Cherokee Phoenix. "I don’t think it’s appropriate for the U.S. Congress to be stepping in to dictate to the Cherokee tribe what its definition of membership should be.” OP: How about terms of treaties Felton?

The message has resonated with tribal leaders, who approved $7,400 in donations to Newell and his political action committee. "His opponent is the one person in Congress who has introduced a bill to terminate the Cherokee Nation and she actively fights against tribal sovereignty," Ginger Brown, the tribe's government relations officer, told the paper. "So it’s really a clear cut choice and one that other Indian tribes will likely make as well."
OP: Does she fight against sovereignty, or corrupt leaders of the Cherokee Nation that has violated their treaties and the civil rights of the Cherokee Freedmen. How about when tribes like PECHANGA don't follow their OWN constitution, Felton? How much will it cost to get you to be on the side of CIVIL RIGHTS for the Individual Indian, Felton?

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