Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Concerned Pechanga People INFIGHTING: Anti-Masiel Basquez Sentiment Growing?

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Original Pechanga's Blog has received some paperwork prepared by the Concerned Pechanga People (CPP)that raises questions about the family history of the Masiel/Basquez/Leyva ties to Pechanga. They show NO lineal descent from an Original Pechanga person.

I have a shortened version embedded here, but also have a full version available which has census information. Suffice it to say, a family who has done the most to tear apart the tribe, has some questions to answer to the Pechanga Membership.

What drives a family to work so hard to eliminate members? Money, Power? We believe both are the driving forces.

It's time for the Pechanga General Membership to stand up for what is right and do right by those rightful Pechanga people that they eradicated from their rolls and stand up to this crime family. It's well past time for the Pechanga Tribal Council to uphold the rule of law and the Pechanga Constitution.

Anyone wonder if James Fletcher, former supervisor of the BIA in Riverside has run interference for these people? He's now has a high paying job with the PDC. Just asking.

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