Monday, January 3, 2022

The New York Times, Which was a DECADE Late on Disenrollment Reports on Nooksack 306 Evictions

 The NEW YORK TIMES gets deeper into the issues of the NOOKSACK 306 disenrollment and the upcoming evictions that will throw their elderly cast offs into the harsh winter.

In recent days, the tribe has mobilized its police force to begin removing Mr. Javier, who lives with his three children, and others from their tribal homes, after having already cut off educational aid, health services, financial stipends — and whatever remained of what was once an expansive sense of community.

SOVEREIGN RIGHT Doesn't Make Actions Right

Nooksack members are so outraged that they are petitioning the federal government to intervene. The Biden administration, which made a commitment to honoring tribal self-determination, now faces thorny questions over whether it should take the extraordinary step of challenging tribal sovereignty on an issue so fundamental as how the tribe chooses who gets to live on tribal lands.

“On the face of it, for sure we want sovereignty,” said Michelle Roberts, another expelled Nooksack member who faces eviction. “But when that sovereignty is used as a tool to bully people and take advantage of the system, to kick them out of their tribe or to take any kind of services or anything away from them, then that’s when it needs to be controlled somehow.”

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WeRone said...

Unbelievable actions again. Sending prayers to everyone everywhere. WeRone always and forever.

Anonymous said...

Every country is a sovereign country, that doesn't mean absence of laws, morals and ethics.
And aren't they actually telling another government what to do?
You can no longer recognize these people on a federal level?
You can no longer count them as Native Americans?
This is denying the existence of thousands of Native Americans and devaluing ALL Native Americans.
As Harold Monteau (chippewa) said " The entitlements of Native Americans to benefits and services from the United States, as trustee for Indian Persons, cannot be terminated without due process of law on the part of the BIA. The fiduciary duty of the U.S. Government cannot be so easily disavowed by the BIA when to do so involves the enforcement of membership, whether it is by the BIA or by a surrogate such as an Indian Tribe."

Anonymous said...

The BIA is supposed to protect the individual indian from corrupt leaders, but instead they help hurt the individuals by not only turning a blind eye to the corruption but also by aiding in it. Sovereignty should not be allowed to be used against the individual indian and their own people by their tribal leaders. It's only obvious what is happening in Indian Country, the one thing developed to help tribes help themselves has imploded on many members across the nation and is showing the true nature of the casinos in the first place, to eventually implode all tribes. Greed is slowly taking over.

Anonymous said...

The BIA needs to investigate these tribes that have disenrolled true members and see if they,
the tribe included the disenrolled in their applications that they made for government funding for their tribe and also money that the tribe has received from the government and the state funds that the tribe has gotten.
If these disenrolled members were included in the applications then the tribes need to give the disenrolled members their fair share of the funds.