Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Saginaw Chippewa Disenrollment Case Sent BACK to Interior Dept.


The Saginaw Chippewa disenrolled having difficulty getting justice from our justice system.

DOI Must Rethink Staying Out Of Tribal Disenrollment Fight
"A D.C. federal judge said the U.S. Department of the Interior "determined the right outcome –– for mostly the right reasons" in deciding not to intervene in the disenrolling of Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe members, but the judge still sent claims by former members back to the agency for reconsideration." IS It Poor Record Keeping? The plaintiffs say they are direct descendants of the Saginaw Chippewa, which encompasses the Saginaw, Swan Creek and Black River bands, and were properly enrolled in the tribe before being kicked out in 2016 and 2017. The tribe came into legal existence in 1937 after it enacted a new constitution that incorporated all descendants of the bands, the 24-page complaint says. But that was undermined, the disenfranchised tribal members say, when the commissioner of Indian Affairs unlawfully forced revisions to the constitution, including a residency requirement that restricted membership to those with specific ancestry tied to a particular reservation. (OP: The disenrolling leader's are okay with this intrusion?) That excluded 85 percent of the bands’ descendants from membership, the complaint says, which led to vast under enrollment prior to enactment of the Judgment Funds Act.


Unknown said...

It was sent back due to the Discrimination that the Tribe committed, a violation of 99-346. Now will the all powerful Deb Haaland stand up to the wrongs committed by this Tribe and hold the Tribe accountable? Hmmm considering the fact the the United States Government has since their inception sought to extinct the merciless savages, aka. Native Americans, Dare I hope?

What I want for people to understand is that DISENROLLMENT is a death sentence , an un-quantifiable loss! It is a loss that is unimaginable, that you can not wrap your head around. You know who you are, who your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncle’s are, you see their names in documents but it is the wrong document or it is the wrong allotment or a census record has their name spelled wrong, or there is no document, so many variables. So many documents you aren’t able to provide because they are NATIVE AMERICAN!!

The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe has used the government standards ,blood quantum, land rolls and government bungling to further their greed! They are not Saginaw Chippewa, they are greedy, greedy, greedy nasty white Indians!!

Blood quantum - not Tradition or our culture
Land rolls - not Tradition or Culture
Treaty’s- Broken, not honored, not Tradition or our culture

I have lost people whom I loved, respected, cherished and honor. They represented what it truly means to be a Native American. They walked on with heavy hearts, broken spirits but with their heads held high because they went knowing who they are, always knowing who they are! They are Saginaw Chippewa!!

Unknown said...

Though I can't say that it's an easy task, DNA testing to ancestors ancestors is possible, actually easier now than ever before, I'd say it's reasonable for a fund to be allowed to applicants of the specific Indian tribal heritage in which they claim relation in. Making this process less burdensome by enabling site's to integrate with personal device IP is the most basic internet standards for identifying the user, if unable to provide this information, then there need be alternate arrangements available, but those methods must at the very minimum, meet CAD standards for students and staffing professionals.

Unknown said...

I rekon it's time to get back to the drawing board.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes DNA does work, and it is used to identify a father. DNA can also identify those who do not belong. So if you have a corrupt Tribal Government DNA is worthless. But if you want to find your real family today with DNA its very easy. ( if you want to hide from the truth ) that's on you. I could never turn my BACK on my REAL family if I found them through DNA. (you would be subhuman) That's why people go through all this Native American Heritage history, "to find their family."

'aamokat said...

DNA testing? All that shows is I am related to the Indians from my region and my tribe does not deny that my family are related to our tribe. What DNA doesn't show is where exactly in our region my family is from. The contention in our case was basically what local village was my family from. The census records show that we are from our tribe's reservation plus we have probate records for our allotment backing that up that verify we are also from the original village, but our tribe said we aren't from there. Even the infamous Mark Macarro in a slip of the tongue said on TV that he heard a percentage of 90 percent but it was shown to be inconclusive. He heard there was a percentage, he didn't know our case? How can he even talk about something that he does not know about let alone rule on it? Plus with all of our certified evidence that backed up our case we lost with at least a 90 percent chance of winning going in?

Anonymous said...

That's not correct , this is 2022! Two California SERIAL KILLERS were found through DNA testing following their family tree or CLAN to a CERTAIN AREA or city and they found a brother of the killer. What I am saying is my DNA pin pointed my UTO-Aztecan family to a region in Baja Ca.It also was backed up by birth records of where my Grandma was born. (This is NO BULLSHIT) It is a science NOW! MY current CLAN still live down in that area or cousins.