Tuesday, January 18, 2022

If We Don't PUSH ADVOCACY Groups Like NCAI and NARF to Help Wrongfully Disenrolled WHO WILL?


Stop Disenrollment

I write this blog on behalf of all disenrolled Native Americans.  Fawn Sharp of the National Congress of American Indians WON'T.  Neither did her predecessor Brian Cladoosby.  They are okay with letting 11,000 Native Americans roam the wilderness, without a tribe.

We can't even get our first Native American Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland to do more than give lip service.  She may care, or sympathize with our ancestors abuse, but she hasn't been strong, vocally.  The disenrolled are sacrificed at the altar of sovereignty.

I'm POSITIVE that I am doing the right thing, as I'm speaking for the thousands of Native Americans that have been harmed by negative speech, including baseless claims against their ancestors. their elders and historical documents.

As I asked Congress staffers of my own two Senator's, when I lived in California, if YOU won't look out for us, who will?

I am shining a spotlight on the corruption of some tribes and organizations who are using sovereignty as a club, to beat the weak and helpless, including elders and children.  I allow others to guest blog to get both their issues and those topics that will benefit all of us to more people.  

NCAI and Fawn Sharp won't help, even in the smallest amount, which would include speaking out against the tribal leaders who are harming ..ACTUALLY harming Native Americans, rather than using a nickname they don't like (that is a racist one) and mascotry. 

Native American Rights Fund won't do "Indian vs. Indian" and have had on their board, a tribal chairman that runs an apartheid reservation, one who overturned the will of the people by refusing to follow the law and customs.

I do this blog, so that it may NOT BE SAID, "I didn't know".  If all who read this share my posts on their social media, there can be a learning, an enlightening.   

DIRTY LAUNDRY needs to be aired.  We can't be silent and HOPE the issue fades.  We must be active, as that is the only way to combat the deep pockets and political friendships that tribal money creates. 

The elected leaders, both tribal and federal, respect money more than rights.  The only way to change that, is to add YOUR voice, to expose the corruption    

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