Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tongva Nation Raises Objections to US NAVY's "DEFECTIVE" Determinations on Pechanga's Theft of Tongva Ancestral Remains

Looks like the Tongva Ancestral Territorial Tribal  Nation was a bit more forceful in their holding the Navy responsible for the Great Pechanga Raid on their ancestors, they also accuse Pechanga member Laura Miranda of interference in the process.  Miranda is a vice-chairman of the Native American Heritage Commission. 

Tribal administrator John Tommy Rosas let's the Navy have it:

TATTNLAW@GMAIL.COM   310 570 6567

Mr. Joseph Montoya,

We are now objecting and opposing your/US NAVY illegal defective determinations as published in
Federal Register / Vol. 80, No. 38 / Thursday, February 26, 2015 / Notices -
We were illegally excluded and illegally not contacted for required tribal consultation under SEC 106 NHPA, NAGPRA, AIRFA,NEPA.

We are on the NAHC contact list and the US NAVY either illegally did not contact NAHC for the ISLANDS descendant of which I am a lineal descendant or US NAVY committed statutory discrimination in excluding me/TATTN on any consultations and notices, in which we object and oppose.

We also assume Laura Miranda a NAHC staff person and a Pechanga claimed member may have illegally interfered with the process as the notice does not describe how the US NAVY suddenly gave sole consultation to Pechanga-

We also take offense and exception on the US NAVY'S erroneous assumptions on these determinations all of which we object and oppose to completely as false and defective. quote-
/// Determinations Made by the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of the Navy Officials of the U.S. Department of Defense,

Department of the Navy have determined that:

• Pursuant to 25 U.S.C. 3001(9), the human remains described in this notice represent the physical remains of 469 individuals of Native American ancestry.

• Pursuant to 25 U.S.C. 3001(3)(A), the 436 objects described in this notice are reasonably believed to have been placed with or near individual human remains at the time of death or later as part of the death rite or ceremony.

• Pursuant to 25 U.S.C. 3001(2), there is a relationship of shared group identity that can be reasonably traced between the Native American human remains and associated funerary objects and the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians of the Pechanga Reservation, California.

The TONGVA have also called in the big guns  in the anthropology field, you can see their letters below, they are pretty damning to Pechanga's claim on the remains.

For sake of bandwith, you can find an additional letter here but it says that the natives who were on the islands, including San Nicolas were Chumash and San Nicolas Island.

Support the Tongva and Gabrieleno people in protecting the remains of their ancestors.   Pechanga protecting their own ancestral remains by placing a GOLF COURSE above their bodies. Pechanga is simply NOT TO BE TRUSTED.  

A tribe that harms their OWN, LIVING RELATIVES should NOT have a say in the ancestors of another tribe. The United States Navy needs to do it's research, and listen to the EXPERTS.  

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White Buffalo said...

I am amazed that Pechanga has the gall to suggest that their ancestral territory reaches to this island. I am aware that our people were nomadic and did travel to the coast according to the seasons. You would think that Pechanga would be satisfied with the mountain they stole and the property near the Oak tree. The point I want to make is one I have been talking about for years. That is the tribe has two standards it uses. The first is they have a historical presence that stretches far into the past and covers a wide area geographically. The second is that to be a member of Pechanga you must be from one of the families that were originally forced to settled on the land that was 3 miles from the homestead of our ancestor Pablo Apis. Is it me or does this seem self serving? I have another question, if Pechanga is able to steal the bones of the Tongva and Gabrieleno people then it is likely they will attempt to claim land and have it put into trust. My question is, if this happens what do you think they would do, or more simply what is the motive and what does the tribe have to gain from this self serving action?

Anonymous said...

Could it be they want to claim San Nicolas for their own after the Navy is done?

Anonymous said...

That's macarro Island, Juan was a dancing chief their?

Anonymous said...

There must be a government grant that they get to remove the bones. They aren't doing it for the history aspect. I bearbaiting revenue is down. Lol

Anonymous said...

That was supposed to say I hear casino revenue is down....I wish there was a correction button after you post something.

Anonymous said...

Wooooow. I am baffled. as a man with family ties on both sides of this argument I'm unsure where our people are going to end up after all the lunacy, accusations, and deprevity. I am truly disappointed. You should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Typical Pechanga. Pretending they are from where they exist today and having no understanding of their own culture nor having respect for the culture of others. Shame on scumchanga. Culture robbers.

Anonymous said...

So true. Like when pechanga funded the San Nicolas research and fraudulently pretended that they are from there. They are aztecs and need to go back to Mexico. Dirtiest Tribe ever. Shame on pechanga, They kicked out all their Indians and only have white people left.