Friday, September 1, 2017

UPDATE: NEW STATEMENT Cherokee Freedmen Decision: Statement by Marilyn Vann, President of the Descendants of Freedmen of the FIVE CIVILIZED TRIBES

At LONG LAST, there is a victory for the Cherokee Freedmen.  We brought you Jon Velie's statement yesterday. This morning we have Marilyn Vann's statement.

I want to thank so many that have helped the Cherokee Freedmen tribal members win our case in DC. We first of all thank God for this great victory. 

We also thank the Honorable Judge Thomas Hogan for his air tight legal opinion which carefully considered all of the arguments, 

Our legal team - led by Jon Velie who have worked tirelessly, DOJ/DOI attorneys who filed wonderful briefs, so many supporters who are citizens by blood such as Eli Grayson who roamed the halls of Congress with me and stood on the picket line, Bill Davis who rallied the Northern outpost of the Cherokee nation to educate voters about the freedmen during the time of the phony freedmen petition removal drive, Ollie Starr, who has stood with the freedmen when it was not popular to do so, David Cornsilk who has stood with the freedmen- and done his all to try to right a wrong. 

Freedmen community leaders such as Ruth Nash and Rodslen Brown who have organized and stood on the picket line, rallied the troops for fundraisers and meetings, Vicki Baker who has always answerd the call, ; educators and writers such as Tiya MIles and Dan Littlefield, office holders who took courageous stand on behalf of the freedmen including the Late Hastings Shade, generous donors including the Robert Lemon family and Suan Armstrong Colthorp, and elected officials such as Reverend Congressman Emanual Cleaver, Chairman Barney Frank, and Senator Tom Coburn who assisted with legislation and or protected the freedmen from hostile legislation over a period of years. 

We thank our members and supporters including our freedmen leadership who continued to come to meetings and donate funds for this righteous cause.. and stand on the picket line when asked. .Our freedmen org leadership including Rose Khalid, and Fannie Bates ruth nash and Willard Linzy have fought for this fight side by side with me just too many people to name!

This was a LONG STRUGGLE for them, which PROVES that waiting is NOT necessarily a bad thing.  But it PROVES that FIGHTING for your rights and for JUSTICE is a GOOD THING.  STAY in the fight.

Marilyn has another statement on the CN's decision to NOT file an appeal in the Cherokee Freedmen case.  

Good morning . 

I as a litigant in the Cherokee Nation V Nash and Vann V Zinke Federal Lawsuits want to thank my honorable Principal Chief Bill John Baker and honorable Attorney General Todd Hembree for announcing their decision on August 31 2017 to not appeal the August 30 2017 ruling of the Honorable Senior Judge Thomas Hogan of the DC Federal District Court. Chief Baker had publically announced in 2011 and in 2015 that an important goal of his administration was to bring an end to the multi year expensive litigation regarding the questions of the 1866 treaty rights of the Cherokee freedmen tribal members.

 As stated in the Holy Bible, A house divided cannot stand. A house will always be divided when the rights and dignity of some of the house are not respected. The decision made by Attorney Hembree and Chief Baker respects and honors the decisions made by the Cherokee leadership and voters in 1866 by way of the 1866 treaty to bring freedmen into the Cherokee community . 

The Cherokee nation became a great nation historically thru inclusion of Delaware, Shawnee, Natchez, Creeks and freedmen as tribal members. Cherokee citizens whether full blood , mixed blood , or adopted class fought together against threats such as tribal allotment. We now have the opportunity to go forward in unity as an even greater nation - led by our Chief who has kept his word. Once again Wado! to Chief Baker and Attorney General Hembree. 

May God bless and Keep them both. !

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