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Friday, June 12, 2015

NAACP Leader RACHEL DOLEZAL, of White Descent, Claims to be BLACK and Native American UPDATE: STEPS DOWN

UPDATE:   Fake steps down from NAACP.  “It is with complete allegiance to the cause of racial and social justice and the N.A.A.C.P. that I step aside from the presidency and pass the baton to my vice president, Naima Quarles-Burnley,” Rachel A. Dolezal said in a statement that was posted to the chapter’s Facebook page.

Lot's of arguments available here.   If she FEELS she was a black person, inside, how is this different from Bruce Jenner's feeling he was a woman?  Why do people automatically think you can be a different gender,  but not a different race?
Rachel "Swim In Tanner" Dolezal

Local NAACP president for the Spokane, Washington, chapter and Eastern Washington University part-time Africana Studies professor Rachel Dolezal has been posing as a black woman when she was, in fact, born white, according her Caucasian parents.  Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal said they’d been aware of their daughter’s falsifying her race but did not speak out on the matter until the media contacted them, at which point they were also able to produce her birth certificate.
“She’s our birth daughter and we’re both of European descent,” her father told BuzzFeed News on Thursday night. Ruthanne Dolezal said the family’s ancestry is Czech, Swedish and German. She said the family does have some “faint traces” of Native American heritage as well.   “We’re puzzled and it’s very sad.”
“It’s very sad that Rachel has not just been herself,” Ruthanne, Rachel’s mother, told the Spokesman-Review. “Her effectiveness in the causes of the African-American community would have been so much more viable, and she would have been more effective if she had just been honest with everybody
Remember when liberals embraced Elizabeth "FAUXAHONTAS" Warren despite the proven claims that her Cherokee Ancestry was FALSE?   Does it matter that  she's not black?  The NAACP is standing by her so far.   Is this Black privelege or what??



Anonymous said...

Pechanga Indian? That is so funny , clearly white lol?

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

There are some people born as hermaphrodite or with conflicted gender. Doctors often choose a sex for them and in those cases gender confusion is expected. However race is defined by blood and ethnicity by heredity. One can choose a culture, but not a race.

Anonymous said...

It is one thing to try to look like a race or gender and it is another to actually be. She did not experience what it is like to grow up black, whether it is different or not, she did not receive the thoughts in her head about what it is to be a black person in this world. Her ancestors did not experience the pain that a African Americans ancestors did from being black. Just like Jenner might want to be a woman and think he is, but he did not grow up a girl, he did not get his period once a month until pregnancy and/or menopause, he did not carry his children in his belly for nine months and go through the pains of labor, he does not know what it is like and never will.

White Buffalo said...

I seen on the channel 7 news a report where a film bite shows a form where she marked Caucasian and Black, but right below the Native American choice was not marked. I am curious where this claim of Native American comes from?

Anonymous said...

So Butch is white pretending to be Indian ( doing hate crimes on real indians) ?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Butch should be on CNN for screwing the real Temecula Indians along with that crime family.

The nerve of him going to a tanning salon and growing a ponytail ( just like that black chick or white gurl).

Anonymous said...

Oh the tribe said they could be " pretend indians", horse shit.

Anonymous said...

What the hell AIM? Are you like the NAACP?