Friday, June 19, 2015


The is a Nooksack Tribal Meeting TONIGHT, that could be used to determine when the Nooksack River Casino may close.   Earlier this year, the tribe lost its "sovereignty" claim in trying to get their default removed.   Their breach of contract was upheld.  The Bellingham Herald reported in April: 

The Nooksack River Casino’s days could be numbered, pending a ruling in Whatcom County Superior Court later this year.
Since at least 2011, the Nooksack Business Corporation an entity owned by the Nooksack Indian Tribe, has tried to shirk its responsibility to pay back about $15 million in loans it obtained from now-defunct BankFirst in 2006. The corporation, owner and operator of Nooksack River Casino, got the loan to pay off some debt and renovate its Deming casino.
The corporation made payments for about a year before it went into default, kicking off the first of three agreements it would make with Outsource Services Management, a loan servicing company. After the casino failed to make payments under each agreement, Outsource sued for breach of contract in Whatcom County Superior Court.
Though the tribe agreed it had waived its sovereign immunity, it tried to argue the Superior Court didn’t have jurisdiction over the case, and moved for dismissal.
The Nooksack 306 will be attending this meeting, though they have been told they were not allowed in...... STAY TUNED...
UPDATE:  The Nooksack 306 made it inside the meeting after reportedly being banned by tribal chair Kelly.
Turns out that no decision has been made.  The failure of Kelly leadership is showing when the Casino is losing millions.  They are choosing NOT to honor their debts and are threatening closure.

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