Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Complaint Filed in Cherokee Election that Tribal Government Employee Breached Privacy Ethics

Sad when you can't trust your own tribal government employees to keep the trust they are supposed to  keep.  PRIVACY doesn't mean what it used to to some.

Our  friend, blogger and genealogist Twila Barnes has the details and links on her estimable blog, THOUGHTS FROM POLLY's GRANDDAUGHTER .

The complaint alleges that on March 31 Cornsilk posted At-Large Tribal Council candidate Tommy Jones’ Cherokee blood quantum information in a Facebook group called “Cherokee Nation 2015 Election.” 

“I had an interesting conversation with a couple of ‘Tommy Jones’ supporters last night. A couple of things came to light. First, they knew nothing about any of the other candidates for at large. Second, they had drawn their entire conclusions regarding his skills and abilities on his posts in a facebook group,” Cornsilk writes. “They had never actually met him. That’s not surprising because I see these same people say how much they ‘love’ their facebook friends, whom they’ve never met. Third, these same folks were once mocking Cara Cowan Watts low blood quantum of 1/256, but now support someone who is 1/128.”

The complaint states others in the Facebook group questioned Cornsilk about how he got Jones’ Certificate Degree of Indian Blood information. He implies in a response post that he received the CDIB information from the Election Commission by stating that CN citizens running for political offices must file CDIB cards to prove they have Cherokee blood.

Read more at the link above and keep an eye out for more details.


Unknown said...
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Joseph Arsanis (former poker instructor to Pechanga tribe) said...

I Joseph Arsanis, former boyfriend of Jennie Miranda, (1995-1999) and State certified gaming instructor, created the rules, procedures, dealer
procedures at CCC Casino Career Center, Jennie Miranda was sole owner. I taught exceptional well, my placement of dealers who exited the school received placements at over 92% of the time. It was common knowledge that dealers who were trained at CCC were almost always guaranteed a job because they excelled in there auditions period. Any other BS as far as paying off the school for jobs at Pechanga are also BS! They passed there auditions on there own merit. Dealers can earn $100-several hundred, if they elect to tip the school employees who taught them, it is legal. Whether an employee stated that they would have to pay for there jobs once hired is possible, but improbable.
If it did occur I doubt if Raymond Basquez Sr had any knowledge. Was I there at the school? No I departed Dec 1999, I did personally know Raymond Basquez and he was a like able, intelligent person. Therefore I seriously doubt if he would jepordise any false agreements for a few dollars. May 4,2020 . Thank you.