Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Questions The Riverside Press Enterprise SHOULD ASK PECHANGA CHAIRMAN MARK MACARRO part ONE

I've been sitting around today, chatting online with my family members and we laughed about how lackluster the efforts of RIVERSIDE PRESS ENTERPRISE newspaper are in bringing about, you know, news.   So we started asking questions we thought the PE should be asking and here are some of them. We are nearing 30 of them, but then, it was only a few hours, and we didn't go to journalism school, or, you know work for a newspaper.

Are Press Enterprise Reporters Afraid to ask Pechanga
Tough Questions?  Or do their stories get SPIKED?

QUESTIONS a GOOD NEWSPAPER Reporter should ask Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro

On the Benedict Cosentino Matter:
Was the Benedict Cosentino Firing "retaliatory" for exposing Pechanga members?
Why didn't you rehire Cosentino after apologizing for his termination?
Is the dealer school that supplies your employees run by a convicted felon or his spouse?
Do you feel responsible for weakening sovereignty with your corrupt actions?

On General Tribal Issues :
What did you do with the over $500 million you stole from disenrolled members?
Are any tribal members NOT descended from Original Pechanga people as required? FOLLOW UPS
IF SO, why are ACTUAL members descended from original Pechanga people EXCLUDED in a moratorium? How can only PART of the family be in?  Why are YOUR cousins still excluded when other adults are let in? 
Why would you exclude reservation allottees from water rights? Wasn't the reservation created for all Temecula Indians?  Would allottees receive their fair share of any water and funds from a water rights bill?
How do you spend $829,000 in TANF funds?  Are disenrolled Native Americans from your tribe allowed benefits?

On Criminal Activity at Pechanga :
Why did the Riverside SWAT team enter tribal lands in April? To arrest a tribal member?
Do you have convicted felons on your tribal committees?
Was your former chairwoman Jennie Miranda terminated from the tribe?
What is Pechanga's definition  of disenfranchisement?
Has your tribal attorney and brother, John Macarro passed the California State Bar Exam?
Is it true that your brother John Macarro was stealing from the tribe, and his actions will be brought up in this month's tribal meeting?

ALL questions an enterprising news reporter should ask.  If Pechanga gets federal money, should taxpayers know how those dollars are spent?   If tribal members were disenrolled and some of their benefits absorbed by the state, shouldn't taxpayers know?  If Pechanga has different sets of rules for different groups, isn't that newsworthy?


Anonymous said...

Raymond's big mouthed wife brags about owning the dealer school, but you know it's just a way to get around a convicted felon really owning it.

OPechanga said...

I have just posted a new piece of Linda and husband Raymond Basquez Senior being sued...

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Press Enterprise doesn't think all this is news.

Maybe the Press Enteprise thinks beer brewing is news...

Anonymous said...

The truth is crystal clear. This is why other bands are stepping up and saying we would never do such things within our own band. The saddest part is this truth is dishonoring our Ancestors who were the targets of the greedy land grabbers when our lands were targeted by settlers. Now we have the greedy land and cash grabbers doing the same things to the heirs of our people and our Ancestors had these issues settled in the creation of the reservation. Honor our people and gives us back our rights. Paulina Hunter is Pechanga and so are her recorded heirs. That's why we are enrolled in the first place. Taking our rights and thinking its ok is not honorable.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard anything from the Press Enterprise?

Anonymous said...

Why don't Pechanga members have access to the wrap report? Why aren't they given reports of where and how much money is spent by the tribe every year?

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