Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pechanga NO LONGER Using HOLLY MACARRO's IETAN CONSULTING Lobbying Firm? $1,220,000 Paid over FIVE YEARS to Chairman's Wife's FIRM.

I was doing some research on OPENSECRETS.ORG and did some calculations on what The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians paid the TRIBAL CHAIRMAN's WIFE's LOBBYING firm, IETAN CONSULTING.

From 2010 to 2014, IETAN received $1,220,000 according to their filings.  Pechanga now has SPIRIT ROCK, run by Aurene Martin.

Makes one wonder, why so little is now spent by Pechanga to lobby our politicians?  When HOLLY, Mark Macarro wife was gettin' paid....she got $20,000 per MONTH, the new lobbyist is getting $2,000 per month.

WILL MARK MACARRO set up a GOFUNDME account to make up the difference?  That's a big HIT to one's income.

PECHANGA MEMBERS should be asking, "WHAT DID WE GET for that $1.2 MILLION?  It wasn't a water rights bill, because WE beat HOLLY's ass in the halls of congress and got that bill stopped.  We didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express, but we did have two FREE nights at the Marriott.  I think an itemized accounting of IETAN's spending that got little or no results is in order, don't you, Pechanga members.  Maybe during OTHER BUSINESS...

We discussed our trip to CAPITOL HILL, remember?


Anonymous said...

The truth is crystal clear. This is why other bands are stepping up and saying we would never do such things within our own band. The saddest part is this truth is dishonoring our Ancestors who were the targets of the greedy land grabbers when our lands were targeted by settlers. Now we have the greedy land and cash grabbers doing the same things to the heirs of our people and our Ancestors had these issues settled in the creation of the reservation. Honor our people and gives us back our rights. Paulina Hunter is Pechanga and so are her recorded heirs. That's why we are enrolled in the first place. Taking our rights and thinking its ok is not honorable.

Anonymous said...

Paying for TWO homes is expensive, where's Macarro going to make this money up from? HEY how about a RAISE for CHAIRMAN??

Anonymous said...

Wrap report