Thursday, June 4, 2015

Chukchansi Raid: Court Date Set in Take-Over and Raid at Chukchansi Gold Casino

Preliminary hearings have been set for Ronald Jones, James Glasscock, John Cayanne, and Picayune Rancheria/Chukchansi tribal member Vernon King.

The four will appear before Judge Dale Blea beginning Nov. 16.
These are the final four from the attempted take-over and raid at the casino in Coarsegold, Oct. 2014.

Most of the 15 accused either pled guilty or had charges dismissed. Tex McDonald, who headed the Oct. 9 raid, accepted a guilty plea of felony false imprisonment, and is expected to be released for time served, on July 2.
King and McDonald were the only tribal members involved in the incident. Many of the others lived either out of county or out of state.
It is still unclear as to when the casino, which closed Oct. 10, will reopen.


Anonymous said...

Please pray for justice in Indian Country. Do not forget our brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

Please pray that Reggie and his band of thieves will see their day in court for robbing Indians blind.

Anonymous said...

King did not have a weapon, he went in with a female council member for paperwork, but they didn't arrest her. Why? She's probably on Reggie's side now.