Monday, June 22, 2015

OPEN LETTER TO CALIFORNIA State Senators and Assembly on Internet Gaming and Tribal Bad Actors

The Viejas Band is running radio spots on internet gaming that is up before the joint committee on Governmental Organization.  They are against Poker Stars having a role, yet do not mention tribal abusers.  PLEASE copy and paste and send to YOUR state Senator and Assembly Members in CA.

Dear Senator and Assembly Members,

You will be having a hearing on internet gaming and the term "bad actor" is being bandied about.  Look closer at who is opposing Poker Stars.

Bad Actors?  You mean, like a tribe such as Pechanga in Temecula that has stripped the citizenship of 25% of it's tribe?  They have stolen over $500 MILLION in per capita payments.   You can find the information on Original Pechanga blog

Bad Actors?  Like The Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians? They have eliminated 70% of their tribe and now have a closed casino.  They have attacked elders with  bear spray and disenfranchised nearly 1,000 Native Americans.

Bad Actors?  Like the Redding Rancheria?  They terminated the family of their FIRST chairman Robert Foreman, AFTER they forced them to dig up an ancestor for DNA, which PROVED they belonged, yet they didn't follow the evidence.  99.9% DNA match wasn't good enough.

Bad Actors?  Like PALA who wiped out 15% of it's tribe, as surely as if they used a smallpox blanket.

Bad Actors? How about the San Pasqual tribe, who run Valley View Casino.  They are keeping rightful members from the tribe, have conned the B.I.A. for decades and Indian Affairs has screwed up SO BADLY, they are afraid to make it right.

THESE are the BAD ACTORS that should be kept away from CALIFORNIA's Internet Gaming.   Don't be fooled by a small donation from tribal  entities that have stolen nearly $800 million in California.  Have your staff DO THE RESEARCH, Senator Hall.

Elder Abuse

THAT's what the tribes mentioned above are practicing.  Sovereignty you say?  SOUTH AFRICA was sovereign too, and had the right to practice Apartheid, if you were against that, as any person who loves freedom should be, then you should NOT reward Tribes that do the very same thing.

DO THE RESEARCH required before you reward these abusers.


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