Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pechanga Water Rights Bill Stalls In Senate. TRUTH wins out over corruption of Macarro Regime

After meeting and speaking with staffers of Senators Boxer and Feinstein, it looks like the Pechanga Water Rights bill is stalled.

We were able to expose the bill as an attempt to steal water rights from allotees on the Pechanga Reservation.  The Tribe attempted to change the definition of allotee to being a tribal member. That wasn't going to fly with us, so we fought back, as we did three years previous in another attempt by Mark Macarro.

Here's the latest water rights bill story:
Seeking to hear directly from tribal leaders on the important issue of land and water rights, Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Chairman Jon Tester (D-Mont.) held a hearing on five bills that would strengthen tribal land and water rights and increase economic development on tribal lands July 9.
“Land and water are two of the most essential resources for tribal self-sufficiency and economic development,” Tester said. “We must seriously consider the needs of these tribes who have advocated for solid solutions to some of their challenges.
MR. MACARRO, please stop trying to cheat rightful allotees from their heritage on the Temecula Indian Reservation. We have our allotment, YOU DON'T. You have PURCHASED land, we have our family's original allotment. 
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