Thursday, September 18, 2014

DemsTake NO STAND on Stripping Citizenship from Tribal Members Block Bill To Strip Citizenship From ISIS Defectors

We've written about the stripping of tribal citizenship of Native Americans BY corrupt tribal councils.  This is so egregious, that you'd think the Department of Justice would have looked into it, instead, crickets.

Look what happened today in the Senate:

Sen. Ted Cruz tried to get the Senate to consider a measure Thursday providing that any American who joins the fight with terrorist groups such as the Islamic State would immediately renounce their U.S. citizenship, but a Democratic senator objected, saying more time is necessary to weigh the significant constitutional issues it raises.
Ahead of the Senate’s scheduled consideration Thursday afternoon of a proposal to arm and train Syrian rebels, part of President Obama’s strategy to combat the terrorist group, the Texas Republican asked for unanimous consent to pass the Expatriate Terrorist Act he introduced earlier this month.
The Democrats response:

 Sen. Mazie Hirono, Hawaii Democrat, objected, saying the bill has not been brought before the Senate Judiciary Committee and it affects “fundamental constitutional rights, which should be given the full deliberation of the Senate.”
“Legislation that grants the government the ability to strip citizenship from Americans is a serious matter, raising significant constitutional issues,” she said.
We think stripping of TRIBAL CITIZENSHIP is a serious matter too Senator.  Look into that.
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