Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nooksack Chairman Bob Kelly LAWBREAKER - Shows CONTEMPT for Tribal Court's Ruling

Our friends from the NOOKSACK 306 have passed this on to us, which show that "tribal courts" don't mean a thing when you are corrupt.

Our lawyers have filed a MOTION FOR CONTEMPT OF COURT against the Kelly Faction for violating the Tribal Court's order on Christmas support payments. 
They continued to cut checks to non-306 members after the ruling on December 18, but Bob Kelly, Abby Smith and Katherine Canete told staff to not cut Christmas support checks to the 306 too. 

That is a breach of the Court's Order! And three non-306 members were fired from accounting in the process. Our hands go up to Leah Zapata for submitting a sworn declaration to the Judge, explaining how the Kelly Faction has once again broke Nooksack and federal law.
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