Monday, July 28, 2014

My Civil Rights Were Violated by My Tribe! Won't Somebody Do Something?!

WHO can we get to HELP US?

I've heard this a few times from many groups, Pechanga disenrolled, Freedmen, Picayune and Snoqualmie. They cry out in anguish, rightfully, about how they were mistreated, screwed, violated and hurt by corrupt tribal councils.

But the funny thing is, there are lots of questions like, WHY won't somebody DO something to help us?   ASK YOURSELF:   WHY aren't I doing something?

Yet, many times, when requested to join in a local picket line, or to fax a letter or to make some calls, it's SILENCE. "uh, I can't make it." "I don't have anyone to watch the kids" "I don't have a fax" "I don't like to talk on the phone" "Can't someone else do it?"
"You have a blog, why don't you do it?" "I did work on some of the other stuff, I did my part, now it's someone elses turn." "I've given up, but call me if we get something, so I can get my share ."

Pretty comical, that many want SOMEONE ELSE to do the lifting, but don't want to help anymore.

Think about this in just the case of Picayune Rancheria. There were 700 disenrolled people from that tribe. Is there a website for them? NO. Are they visiting THIS blog, where we have highlighted Chukchansi's issues? NO. Maybe 7 are COMMITTED (Hi Cathy!) to their struggle, but I'm sure all 700 would expect to get their rights back.  Let's see, 500 letters or phone calls to congress or 7, which would have the most impact?

In our case, there are probably 30 active from two familes of about 300. 300 letters or 30? Which is greater? I can't decide... oh, maybe the 300.  Imagine if their FRIENDS got involved!

800 letters or 37? It's estimated there are 10,000 Freedmen who are lacking their proper rights. 10,000 letters, or 100? ONLY ONE Creek Freedmen was at the Candlelight Vigil at Pechanga in 2009! ONE!

It's about IMPACT people and NOW, when we have a new administration in place, we need to increase the volume. That's what we have is numbers of PEOPLE. The tribes who don't care about your civil rights have MONEY, and we can't match that. It takes good, old fashioned W-O-R-K.  

Can ONE or TWO people make a difference?   HELL YES.   I did.  With my cousin we visited Washington DC and were in the halls of Congress meeting with our Senator's representative and committee senior staff.    WE BEAT BACK a RICH CASINO TRIBE's attempt to steal our water rights away from us.  We got a CHANGE made in the bill that was passed.   SO YES, we CAN WIN.

HERE IS AN EASY WAY TO HELP ALL who have been harmed:
Visits to blogs regularly help drive up the ranks and make sure that those who will be looking in know that people are watching. And this type of help can be done from the comfort of your own office. Not trudging uphill in the snow, both ways.... 

Time to get on the bandwagon....and build awareness.  HONOR YOUR ANCESTORS, who suffered at the hands of an oppressive government.  DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS.  WHY should a congressperson expend ANY political capital if YOU aren't willing to do anything.

I await your comments.

edited Re-Post from 2009


OPechanga said...

It's SHAMEFUL that those who have been harmed have turned tail and run.

It emboldens those who have abused us to abuse others.

Anonymous said...

It is a rough road. Every where we turn the cards are against us. I still think that if we, all disenrolled Indians from all tribes, got together and did a class action lawsuit against the BIA and the ASIA, we could get through to them that this is a problem they created, not us. It is hard to find a lawyer though that will do pro-bono, I have looked around, but then I do not have a lot of connections either. If there are any lawyers out there that would be interested in this lets us know. I am a Pala dis-enrollee and I know we have been working hard and it does seem like it is the same people, but lots do pitch in with their research. You are right though, the more letters the more chances of getting the right attention.

'aamokat said...

About 2 years or 3 years ago some members of my family and I and some others from another family planned a rally at the Pechanga casino as there was a big intertribal meeting with Washington D.C. officials attending. We had about 100 people show up and while we were glad that they came, we really should have had four times that amount because the word was out in plenty of time and while I know it is hard for people from out of the area to make it there, even so some did come from other states but we should have had bigger numbers just on the numbers of people here locally alone who have had their rights violated by their tribes.

We have had other rallies in recent years before this and I don't remember having more than 150 people show up at any of them as OP points out, everyone expects someone else to do something about the injustices.

Anonymous said...

They are taking your land if they don't pay up

Anonymous said...

Everyone has the right to be lazy and shiftless and then complain that nobody will do anything.

Anonymous said...

Unless your a greedy Indian today who thinks moratorium, dis enrollment or Apartheid acts are Indian.

The Indians in their simplicity literally give away all that they have--to relatives, to guests of other tribes or clans, but above all to the poor and the aged, from whom they can hope for no return.

Ohiyesa (Charles Alexander Eastman) - Wahpeton Santee Sioux - 1858-1939

Anonymous said...

We "ALL" need to make sure what we are doing is right! "Truth" is truth, lies are "Lies".

"All is All" 4 ever! Creator created "ALL"

"We are taught to believe that the Great Spirit sees and hears everything, and that he never forgets: that hereafter he will give every man a spirit-home according to his deserts.... This I believe, and all my people belive the same."

- Chief Joseph (Hinmaton, Yalatkit) Nez Perce-(Nimiputimt) (???-1905)

Anonymous said...

Above the enrollment committee hiring a professional to Say the Hunters are Temecula "Pechanga" Indian. Ancestors gave recorded oral depositions "certified" saying the same thing. If dis enrollment happened to anyone else with Ancestral acknowledgment they would respond the same way. "we are who we are" no lies can change recorded history.

Anonymous said...

lazy pussies that want others to do their work for them,...

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Disenrollees should not be blamed for the actions of corrupt tribal officers. These actions do extend beyond the tribal officers though. There is support within many tribes for disenrollments or else tribal members would come out in force and remove their leaders from officers and reinstate the illegally disenrolled.

There is plenty of blame to spread around. The real focus should be on those with the power to help or harm. They must accept the greater share of the blame and guilt.

*First and foremost are the criminals who commit the crime, the tribal officers who use disenrollment to cover up their corruption and criminal activities

*Then the Government Agency that claims it cannot interfere, the BIA that helps tribal officers and ignores the general welfare and fiduciary responsibility to protect individual Indians

*Then the courts that protect sovereignty over the rights of individuals, and routinely dismiss complaints brought against corrupt tribal officers, instead of recognizing that Indians are citizens too.

*Then the members of Congress who pledge billions to help revolutions in Egypt, and come out in force to help the Ukrainians, but do nothing to stop the genocide of Indian citizens.

*Then the tribal members whose apathy (or complicity) is an endorsement of corruption, and support of the evil agenda that destroys their own people.

*Then lastly the disenrollees themselves who do not proactively seek a remedy to the evil that has been perpetrated on them.

Labeling all disenrollees as lazy is not particularly sympathetic. Disenrollees look for help because they have been rendered powerless in the situation by the removal of their tribal voting rights and ability to participate in the politics of their tribe. Protests, letters, and phone calls can help, but they too are a form of asking for outside assistance. The power to change things is not in the hands of the disenrollees and they have to rely on others to do something about it.

So feel free to help, and I urge all disenrollees to write letters to their representatives, and to take turns blitzing the Twitter and Facebook pages of their representatives with messages detailing the civil rights violations and other crimes of tribal leaders.

Anonymous said...

It is up to the wronged to stand up for themselves, ALSO. Why should any government entity stand up for those not even willing to stand up for themselves?

I don't agree with laziness being the only issue, certainly. But giving up is not the answer.

ACTION is the answer, be it letters, protests, faxes, emails, or simply telling the story of what happened in your tribes..

Anonymous said...

Go take your land back we will help with your legal questions free of charge. Don't be afraid to ask questions keep it in the public.

Anonymous said...

I agree the people who were did WRONG ( it is your job not to puss out) go get riot gear or what ever ,its on you ,.... don't blame other candy ass people.

Anonymous said...

The truth is, the Bad Actors are showing the lies and misinformation inside and outside their Bands. Some of the truth tellers have done Great Job sharing the truth, and between the Bad Actors and Truth tellers the message is crystal clear to the outside today. Pointing fingers at others will never work. If someone decides they don't want to take the time to help share the truth it should cause the Active ones to work anyways. Pointing fingers at the inactive is not as important as shedding the truth over the liars, and Thank you "All" who have done so. Thank you Thank you so much.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

So you put on your riot gear and you take over the tribe.

Don't you still need the BIA to recognize new tribal officers as being the legitimate leaders in order to conduct a government to government relationship?

Don't you still need the majority of tribal members to support the takeover or risk getting voted out again?

Don't you still need the cooperation of local law enforcement, the recognition of sovereignty by the courts, and the support of Congress who could just terminate a tribe it feels is rogue?

Keep on writing letters, tell the truth, try to get media attention, conduct protests, and do whatever you can to let the world know that you belong and that you want to be a part of you nation.

You still need the people in power to step up to end the disenrollment, and that was my point. I am saying that disenrollees are not to be blamed for being disenrolled and for the power structure that is keeping them out of their tribes. I am not saying it is okay to sit back and hope someone else does the work for you.

Put pressure on the people in power to do the right thing. Shame them in public with real life stories of the damage done. If disenrollees don't show that they desire reinstatement it won't ever happen.

White Buffalo said...

Anonymous said...

I agree the people who were did WRONG ( it is your job not to puss out) go get riot gear or what ever ,its on you ,.... don't blame other candy ass people.

July 28, 2014 at 5:09 PM

That is a nice sentiment. If you are willing to share the prison cell then sure encourage people to put their lives and freedom on the line. It is so sickening to know you are right and have no option but violent and criminal acts, yet our ancestors would not have approved, for they would ask if such acts are appropriate. Violence was not a decision that was made easily; in fact, there would be a requirement of eminent physical harm to the tribe or persons of the tribe before violence was used. That being defensive. We seen this of the Temecula Indians during the Mexican Spanish war where Pablo Apis and a band of warriors took up the fight to protect the Mission, and Pio Pico grants Pablo the land that the casino now sits on because he helped protect the mission. Understand that fighting is a last option, and I believe that our ancestors would just say well go on with out those people you know our history and ways of our people, so start again, so keep them and keep our culture alive. Regardless there are still some in my family who still fight within the limits of the law, and if we were wealthy we would put our money into the fight. Money would help our fight especially if we could spend dollar for dollar against the corrupt Pechanga leadership.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that the individuals put in these positions feel they have the last word. Like shingle springs tribal chairman disenrolled all the "blacks" from his tribe these last couple of months and to this day he is still using their birth certificates and numbers to make their lives lavish. While all those that was disenrolled aND ripped of the membership rights are homeless. Something needs to be done because we're all in the dark, hopING for the better while they are eating good.

Anonymous said...

white buffalo, if this was (back in the day) there would have already been a war and many killed.

These people who took over pechanga would not be around or casinos.

White Buffalo said...

Anonymous said...

"if this was (back in the day) there would have already been a war and many killed.

These people who took over Pechanga would not be around or casinos."

August 2, 2014 at 8:21 AM

This does not make much sense, because back in the day, the 1800s, there were wars where our ancestors. did fight, yet they fought for their lives.

In June of 1836 "Pico (Pio Pico is administrator of San Luis Ray)Pico imprisons Pablo Apis, headman of the Temecula Indians and a spokesman for neophytes at the Mission San Luis Rey, in an attempt to stop his petitions and

Pablo is eventually released and does fight to protect the missions, but he did this to protect his family and people more than to protect the mission This is how he received the land grand from Pio Pico in the 1840s. This is the land that the casino now sits on.

Another instance of war;

"125 Luiseno Indians are killed at the east end of Pauba Valley, south of Adobe Springs (Los Nogales Road and Camino del Vino), by Lugo's troops and his Cahuilla Indian allies in what will come to be called the Temecula Massacre."

It should be mentioned that this was during the American Mexican war. Also Pablo was older and did not fight, yet he did bury the dead on his property.

"A 150 armed Luiseno Indians who have come to bury the victims of the Temecula Massacre who fought and died in the Temecula Massacre"

The point I am making is our ancestors had real life and death fights, so do you honestly think that they would care about a casino and the money. Now if it is culture and history then learn it and live it. I also did not say stop fighting for what is right what I eluded to was do it in the right way that is culturally acceptable, but hey if you want to martyr yourself then do it but do not expect others to do it for you. It is also not good to say that fighting is the only solution. it is not. I think you need to learn to think in Indian time. With the actions you take now and how they will affect the coming generations of the people. Our history our people will be here long after that casino falls down, and even if the US government does not see me as a member of the Luiseño Temecula Indians well then so be it. That just makes me work harder to preserve my family's history and teach our young the past and how we are special with respect to the land and our customs and traditions. Those pretenders at Pechanga can not take away what I am.

Anonymous said...

Now over 200 Band members kicked out of the band and recognition stripped so the others can say we don't recognize you. Would you really be here and have what you have if our Ancestors acted they way you do? Would the reserve be here if our Ancestors who gave recorded depositions lied or practiced apartheid acts with each other? The current band had a time to stop the greed behavior and allow "ALL" to follow custom and tradition and move forward. Instead the Bad Actors are trying to ignore historical facts and recreate to justify their Indian recognition justification. Apple farming at it's best.

Anonymous said...

First of all , ( you let others ) decide what they want to do.

You don't have the right nor do I to tell a victims (which path to take).

Show lets all stop putting words in others mouths ( it's their option to go out in the blaze of glory) not yours .

Anonymous said...

Your right they can go in a blaze of glory if telling lies and smudging others is the behavior and lessons they want in the history books. Just like the people who meet the same qualifications or custom and traditional experiences as the liars and misinforms do. If the "Band" of Mission Indians believe that it's more important to kick out "Tribal" people that don't agree with them then they can see what that picture looks like when they ask to be recognized outside the "Band". Liars, Greed, Apartheid behavior will show everyone the truth. Tribal affiliation, recognition for over 100yrs. closed of by a small band who wants to break custom, tradition, bylaws, constitutional process to stay in control and practice the bad behavior. Apple Trees at it's finest.

Anonymous said...

The real truth is no one is putting words in anyone's mouth. The words and actions taking are being shared by the Actors. The truth is the Tribe spoke and said "ALL MEANS ALL" band members should be left alone. Instead of following custom and tradition the Bad Actors decided to break custom and tradition, constitution, bylaws and continue with disenrollment after the whole band spoke. that right there is crystal clear. That action cause fear that it could be me next if I say anything against these actions. Another true behavior shining through the lies about the people who suffered these Actors lies and misinformation days.

White Buffalo said...

Greed lies and power, are the stuff of soap operas and the Casino Indian. There is merit in all of the post made on this thread. I see that the definitions of who has wronged who is also correct and that focused genocide of specific families rights to governmental recognition is what we fight against. I also understand that within our own extended families there are those who are still disenrolled. Kinda piss's me off because they do not lift a finger to help their brother.

What I am getting at is the mind-set of the "New Modern Casino Indian" does not think of the past because they are ashamed of it, so they attempt to rewrite it, ask Rocha. How about a tribe that lets a White man Bitch Murphy who's grandmother was adopted into the Indian way. I have never understood how this makes him an Indian, did he have to go to Indian Health? The new Indian way for current members of the Casino Tribes should be gophers or moles because they are afraid to come out of their holes to stand up for what they know to be right, or they have let themselves be corrupted like the leadership of the Casino Indians.

Does it make thing right to know these things, well no but it gives me a starting point on where to focuses my energy. I do my best not to fight with people on this site because for the most part we are all in the same tepee. I do ask you to consider what it is you do to help your families regain what it is you think they have lost. I would hope that you standup for those who are weak and do what you can without expecting others to do as much or little as you, and be proud of your heritage regardless of the perception of others, I am proud to be an Indian of the Temecula Luiseño Mission Indians who were sometimes referred to as Pechanga Indians.

White Buffalo said...

Okay, I made a mistake in the first paragraph of my last post.

"I also understand that within our own extended families there are those who are still disenrolled"

What I wanted to say was

"those who are still enrolled"

They conspired with and became leading members of the evil that control Pechanga. I would say that those people used our family's good name to further the corruption of the CPP from the time of the 80s until our disenrollment. I have though to use violence, but I know that is not the real answer.

Anonymous said...

Violent Actions do cross our minds on this issue and others because sometimes we feel the Anger in many different ways. Sharing the truth is a good way to keep the Bad Actor from surfacing itself from within us. The truth that some extended family believed they are more "Pechanga" than our ancestors is the Sad truth. For some to say we are staying but you disagree on issues so we will let you go "disenrollment" after 30+yrs of current recognition because we can. Again when the Bad Actors go out today and say to outside agencies or other bands that it's ok the Act that way we do and you should allow me to do it, then they are allowing us to share the truth to show how bad of choices and liars they represent today. Temecula Band of Mission Indians, Sometimes referred to as Pechanga Band of Mission Indians. Recognition represent itself "ALL MEANS ALL".

Unknown said...

The next council members will be blessed with truth All are family we will do it this time. Opening up all family membership.I know Jesus has a new vision for Pala and Pechanga.If your reading this ask your self are you ready to throw your tribe name away. Its you chief

Anonymous said...

So does this mean the sewer pump family are go in to get there river back.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the tribe work with Robert Smith I read that Do they own that whole Hwy that goes to the casinohey should block it they can if they want to I would' or charge to use it ....

Anonymous said...

The bad actors liars,
"The Pechanga Tribal Council consists of six members and one chairperson. The tribal council sets policies, administers government programs and executes the will of the General Membership. The tribal chairperson and members of the council are charged to uphold and enforce the Pechanga Band's Constitution, bylaws and tribal ordinances. They are responsible of upholding the rights of each tribal member, without malice or prejudice. The tribal council members are obligated to act in the best interest of the Pechanga band. Election for tribal council are held every two years. The tribal council meets at least on a monthly basis, and reports to the General Membership (which meets at least once a month)."
The truth, "After the General Membership said ALL MEANS ALL and to stop disenrollment. the bad actors stopped meetings until the council allowed the disenrollment's to occur." They did this without following custom and tradition, or allowing rights to be protected. Instead they used tribal rangers in bullet proof gear to push families through the slaughter farm while they ignored truth from tribal elders. Sad if you still support the Bad Actors and the ones who justify these non Indian practices.