Friday, July 21, 2017

ROBIN LADUE in Tribal Business Journal: Disenrollment sparks litigation, economic issues

Robin's 1st in a two part series on disenrollment:

Indian Country has fought long and hard for survival. To allow tribes to take
away the Native identity from its members, it is no less cultural genocide than that perpetrated by the U.S. government from the first day of invasion.

However, this has become more the rule than the exception in the ugly world of disenrollment. The list of tribes that where questions have been raised about the process include:

• Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians, population reduced from 1,850 to 750

Nooksack Tribe, population of 2,000 reduced by 306

• The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, population of 5,200, had 67 members disenrolled in 2014 and reinstated in 2017

Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, 1,350 members in 2006 and more than 230 members disenrolled   OP:  Word is coming in NOW, that more families are targeted.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

REVIEW: Pechanga Crime Family Still SHADY, And UNWORTHY of Pechanga Membership

I'll be away from the computer for a few days, so I want to repost a few items, this one, on the Masiel Basquez Crime Family, I'll add another post on the 4 generation long bad people. SHOULDN'T THIS FAMILY be disenrolled for abuse of Pechanga?

From a couple of years ago...

With the upcoming special meeting called about the Pechanga Band of Luiseno's Casino Investigation coming this Sunday, we reach back toa post from 4 years ago about the CPP not liking Jennie Miranda, whose grandmother was the matriarch of the PCF (Pechanga Crime Family). It's time for the CPP to look within and do waht is right. UPDATE: Questions include: Are the CPP truth tellers, or outrageous liars?
Would they lie about Jennie Miranda and family? Would they lie about the Hunters and Manuela Miranda descendents? Jennie, which one is it? Are they lying about YOU, or about the Hunters, OR BOTH?

The Concerned Pechanga People have been active in getting rid of two large families from Pechanga. But, according to this flyer from 1992, they absolutely DID NOT like some of the people that they subsequently conspired with to remove the Manuela Miranda and Hunter Clans. Here's the flyer:

The CPP accuse Jennie Miranda (former spokeperson for Pechanga and mother of thief Larry Miranda, soon to be indicted) of "being unfair to people" and telling "lies" and wanting to bulldoze sensitive sites and burial grounds. AMAZING that after all this, the CPP would work with Jennie to use her mother AND Frances Miranda to eliminate people.

Does this sound like someone who cares about the tribe, or themselves? CPP, how could you turn on your own people, with people like this?

And Enrollment Committee HOW could you trust people like this? And we all know, Frances hasn't got any nicer with age.

Pechanga's John Macarro: Disgraced Diminutive Darling Dodged Disenrollment Attempts. Time to Re-Visit?

Who'd think one little guy could have enabled so much harm to so many, with the protection of his Chairman brother?

First, the Manuela Miranda descendants, the Tosobol descendants held in moratorium purgatory, then the Hunter's who were proven Pechanga by the tribe's own hired expert.

HUNDRED's of Pechanga Indians harmed by a corrupt council and John MACARRO, Pechanga's legal council...who STILL hasn't passed the BAR here?

WHY isn't HE out of the tribe for harming the tribe, tribal members and Indian Country?

Remember we wrote about how John's brother lied to Congress and how JM EXPLAINED the move?

Remember how he apologized for harming the tribe?  Even brother had to recuse from that mess.

HARMING the TRIBE, seems to be a BETTER FIT for Disenrollment, than others who may disagree politically, and who MAY want to see where all the expense money is being spent.

Is it past time to eliminate the CRIMINAL ELEMENT and bring back the rightful Pechanga Indians?  CLEAN house, DO the right thing by the rightful Indians, and find a way to prosper...

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Justice Dept. Working OVERTIME Defending BIA on FOIA OKIE DOKES. Emilio Reyes Wants ANSWERS

California’s BIA is next on STOP TRIBAL GENOCIDE founder Emilio Reyes' lawsuits: He just doesn’t give up with San Pasqual and Indian Affairs Pacific Region and their historically shady dealings.  This is a LONG post, please take a look

The Bureau of Indian Affairs, Southern California agency is withholding all responsive records on a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the Trask family who has occupied San Pasqual since 1909.

Because the agency claims exemption 6 in the request in question,  this complaint, embedded below, Reyes is requesting the Bureau of Indian Affairs to identify each document withheld, state the statutory exemption claimed and explain how the disclosure would damage the interests protected by the claimed exemption. Emilio reports that in multiple occasions provided death records to substantiate that these individuals are now deceased therefore, exemption 6 wouldn’t apply. Even though the administrative appeal was filed to the Office of the Solicitor, the agency decided to ignore his appeal.

In previous posts, Reyes claims the agency has been non-compliant to FOIA requests. Multiple complaints have been filed with the court that involve the California Pacific Regional Office and the Southern California Agency of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The agency tends to withhold records and in some cases, redacts information on responsive records even when proof of death is provided. In previous conversations with Chief of Staff, he has brought up his concerns. Although he was advised to provide a recommendation on how to help the agency improve their tasks, Emilio thinks the problem is far beyond that. Unfortunately, the Chief of Staff Andrea Kadish, is on leave of absence, therefore possible solutions have been placed on hold.

Emilio’s extensive research has opened the light to covered up corruption in the San Pasqual Indian Tribe. His research includes the Trask-Lawson family who now sits on the tribal council. The requested records relate to the enrollment applications of deceased Trask family members that duplicates have been located in the National Archives, however, some pages are missing. Emilio claims that the repository of the BIA holds the missing pages that could prove the historical errors.

Monday, July 17, 2017

ELK GROVE CASINO: WILTON RANCHERIA Dodges Challenge From Stand Up California.

Appeal against Elk Grove casino effort dismissed, Mark Anderson has the story

An administrative appeal meant to block the Wilton Rancheria Indian tribe from building a $500 million casino resort in Elk Grove has been dismissed.
The action, filed by the anti-gambling group Stand Up California, had challenged the federal government's decision in January to put land into trust for the Wilton Rancheria tribe.

Its dismissal means the tribe has cleared one of numerous challenges in its effort to complete a project that could bring substantial development to Elk Grove. Aside from the jobs and business the casino resort itself would bring, it is also expected to spur development of a long-delayed outlet mall.
“This was just another small hurdle on our path toward self-sufficiency,” said Wilton Rancheria Chairman Raymond Hitchcock, in a news release.
Stand Up California director Cheryl Schmit said the administrative decision "doesn't change anything," and that her group will continue to challenge the project through a federal lawsuit.

Should the Fight AGAINST Tribal Disenrollment Only Be Fought from ONE FRONT?

I've been writing this blog to expose the corruption of Tribal Disenrollment for TEN YEARS.  As most of my regular readers know, my ancestor, Paulina Hunter was an Original Pechanga Indian, disenrolled 106 years after she walked on in death.

I've been fighting for ALL who have been harmed by their own tribes, and have offered my site to increase the information flow.  MY activism is DAILY, via this blog, not a once a year art project or rather visual advocacy movement to draw attention.  Our attention should be regular, not drive by.  Both are useful, which is more useful?

At a two day conference in March,  WHO BELONGS? FROM TRIBAL KINSHIP TO NATIVE NATION CITIZENSHIP TO DISENROLLMENT   Tribal leaders and those who were aggrieved gathered to discuss disenrollment, government action and inaction, and sovereignty

The link above has the transcripts.   I received a few calls from my cousins, noting that former Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs Keven Washburn made this statement:

The federal government has kind of stayed out of it mostly and people have shined the light on the bad things that tribes are doing, on those handful of tribes that are kind of not getting this right. They deserve to be accountable for what they are doing, and I applaud the people that have been holding them up to that scrutiny and making sure that they are bearing that accountability in some public fashion

One of my cousins, knowing that I've written over 3,200 blog posts, told me, "He's talking about YOU!"   Well, maybe, because, I've written about Washburn many times.  Some links below:

Washburn Can't be Serious Part ONE
Washburn Can't be SERIOUS Part TWO
Washburn Can't be SERIOUS Part Three
Washburn Can't be Serious Part FOUR

Imagine my chagrin to read further into the transcripts to read this from a prominent attorney, who reportedly did some work for Pechanga:

Sunday, July 16, 2017


UPPING THE OFFER we told you about just  3 weeks ago:

At this rate, the correct payment will be due in 370,000 WEEKS from now.


I've sent so many emails with links to my blog posts on their, slow, inadequate obfuscatory actions in response to their handling of FOIA request, I'm getting reply emails with some interesting factoids that are worth printing and reading:

From reader Miss C


Under the freedom of information Act there are 9 exemptions under this act which are,

classified information for national defense or foreign policy
internal personnel rules and practices
information that is exempt under other laws
trade secrets and confidential business information
inter-agency or intra-agency memoranda or letters that are protected by legal privileges
personnel and medical files
law enforcement records or information
information concerning bank supervision
geological and geophysical information.

Now how many of those actually apply to tribal records that the BIA holds? Should there be any exemptions to personal documents to tribal people? Why has it taken almost a year to fulfill one request? Be accountable to the people who are the reason many of you are employed.

From reader NativeAsterisk:

There is suggestion that the Pacific Regional Director is witholding FOIA requests that is in direct correlation to her own familial relationships to each of these tribes, specifically to San Pasqual.

Hopland Tribal disenrolled is still waiting on a $2700+ paid in full FOIA request. Most of the 60 pages released have been redacted.

There is corruption on Hopland lands that BIA has turned a blind eye to. The pot farm on lands that are being withheld from tribe members. Unconstitutional use of other land assignments. The realty company that is supposed to be in trust that is used to distribute lands for drug manufacturing, including cannbis oil production. Sheriff Allman is all too aware of what is going on up there. He collected payment of his harvest last year. As soon as his crew left, hopland tribe planted twice as much.

Wanda Balderama has a meth lab behind a wall in her garage, and her sister next door to her sells the merch out of her bedroom closet. Check out how many drug addicts and child molesters there are being harbored on their lands.

Joseph San Diego uses Wilma Elliott's state notary powers to buy new vehicles without paying the taxes on each. Joseph San Diego also enjoys full housing subsidies from Northern Circle Indian Housing Authority, because his good friend Brian Yepez is on the housing board.

Iyesha Miller's mother Wanda Balderama and buddy Beverly Rodriguez were both caught red handed emptying out children's trust funds. The issue went to court amd both Wanda Balderama and Beverly Rodriguez were removed from tribal council and banned from any positions of power for 10 years. However, Iyesha Miller, who since had become chairwoman, elected her mother to be election committee chairwoman. As soon as that move happened, 74 members of Hopland were removed.

And Amy Dutschke...
Amy, all them drunkin' nights with heads of tribal governments and the gossip shared between all of them drinks in between... Big drinker, that one there... big drinker.

Dear Amy and DOJ:

We're writing a book about the failure of BIA Regional Director, AMY DUTSHKE and the inaction this federal agency takes to protect real California Native Americans.

DOJ, when will you investigate?
Congress, when will you step in?
Indian Affairs, when will you offer hearings?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

San Pasqual Tribal Abuse Case: Allegre v. UNITED STATES: Opposition and Response to Govt's Motion to DISMISS

Plaintiffs OPPOSITION and response to Defendants motion to dismiss plaintiffs' request for Preliminary injunction against the IRREPARABLE harm to San Pasqual TRIBAL members.

San Pasqual is shady, but the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (read: BIA) is shadier still with this tribe.  I am PROUD to be including in an amicus brief here...

Please, help by reading and sharing to expose the corruption within and without the San Pasqual tribe.

Take a look at these articles about San Pasqual:

San Pasqual Lawsuit
San Pasqual Split
San Pasqual Must Lose Right to Run Valley View
San Pasqual Members DENIED their Civil Rights says BIA

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Pechanga Resort & Casino : Another "MYSTERIOUS" Death of a Customer

It's HAPPENED again..NO, not a beat down of a customer, NOT a car-jacking by a tribal member,  but another DEATH.  In 2010, there was a death in a stairwell.  The difference? Gail Wesson of The Press Enterprise reports this one IMMEDIATELY, the last on took two weeks.

Michael Jauregui, who identified himself as the victim’s uncle, said by phone that family members learned Flores “fell 30 feet from a stairway or escalator” and were alerted to the incident after a public address system paged the victim’s father.

Several family members had taken a day trip to Pechanga from Huntington Beach. Jauregui said Flores had told two brothers he was going to the bathroom and that was the last they saw of him.

Family members have not succeeded in getting more information about the circumstances from Pechanga security personnel who gave Flores’ mother an incident report number, according to Jauregui.

Ciara Green, spokesperson for the resort and casino, said in a written statement:  “We are very saddened to learn of this tragedy and extend our deepest condolences to the family.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

IS BIA of CA HIDING Historical Records of Mexican Indians? Why is SAN PASQUAL so SPECIAL?

 WHAT IS THE BIA UP TO?  Regional Director AMY DUTSCHKE, FOIA Coordinator Doug Garcia and Public Liaison Jessica "kick the can down the road" Rogers spin their wheels more than a drag racer.

Emilio Reyes' FOIA request response from the BIA PRO is in violation of FOIA USC 552(a)(3) and 43 CFR 2.12(a) for failure to make a reasonable effort to search for records requested thru FOIA.

Because the FILE IS A BIG ONE, I've LINKED it HERE...  if you want to download   It contains a LOT OF EVIDENCE in the requests. PLEASE take a look

Reyes reports the requested records sought in this request were previously requested on December 18, 2015 and July 7, 2016. The BIA stated no records were located. Emilio was able to locate the records at a later time at the National Archives and provided copies to the BIA on August 2016, he requested the BIA and other agencies to hold the records in their repository in case any researchers are conducting research on Mexican Indians. Those agencies included the Office of Indian Services, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Office of Federal Acknowledgement (OFA) and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs. All agencies are branches of the Department of the Interior.

The mentioned records relate to Mexican Indians who migrated into Southern California in the late 1800's and early 1900s. The BIA and several federally recognized tribes, approved their residence at some of the Southern California Indian reservations. Later these families would claim California Indian ancestry thru the 1928 California Indian judgment roll and would be listed on the tribal rolls of Southern California Indian tribes.

One of the families listed on the Wadsworth list includes the Trask Family who are present members and part of the tribal council at the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians. Even though Frank Trask is not listed on this list of Mexican Indians, there is overwhelming evidence that the mother of Frank Trask stated in correspondence that she was a Mexican from Baja. The other part of the family came to California from Ohio. The wife of Frank Trask, Leonora La Chappa (Trask), who's ancestor is Domingo Yanke, is listed as Mexican and for a second time listed as Mexican Indian in the Mesa Grande tribe.

The controversy not only exists with the Trask family but other families in Southern California whose present descendants are listed on this Wadsworth list of Mexicans and Mexican Indians.

Considering that the Act of 1928 specifically requested Indian applicants to list the names of their ancestors  who were a party to the negotiated treaties in 1852, how did they get a 1928 application approved by the Examiners of BIA? So ok, the 1928 Application was approved by error, you would think it would be fixed in the revised roll in 1948. Perhaps not. Ok maybe  in of the Act of 1968? NO again.

Due to the inconstant errors of the 1928 applications, the Office of Federal Acknowledgement does not recognize Mexicans or Mexican Indians. On the other hand, their historical errors will not be corrected either. To the present day, these individuals are considered California Indians. Some tribal councils have been disenrolling the real California Indians, while others do not allow membership into their own tribes. In other words, Indians from Baja California disenrolling the California Indians. The irony of who is a California Indian and who is not, a problem caused by the BIA. And let's not forget California is the leading State on disenrollment.

Friday, July 7, 2017

INDIAN vs. INDIAN: Chuckchansi vs North Fork Rancheria's Casino Plans: BIA Arbitrary and Capricious


Those dastardly Chukchansi, you 'member, the ones that abused elders, stripped HALF their tribe of citizenship, has $50 MILLION missing, had a casino SHUT DOWN, continuing their fight against their neighbor tribe, the North Fork Rancheria

The Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians on Wednesday again urged the D.C. Circuit to toss a lower court's ruling that backed the U.S. Department of the Interior’s approval of a separate California tribe’s (North Fork Rancheria ) proposed casino, arguing the DOI’s interpretation of land regulations is “capricious” and invalid under California law.

The Picayune Rancheria, a federally recognized tribe of indigenous people in Madera County, California, said in their final brief before the appellate court that the interior secretary made an unlawful and incorrect two-part determination of applicable...

Cathy Cory, Chukchansi disenrolled, commented:

Funny indeed that the tribe would claim that the ruling of the BIA in regard to allowing North Fork's casino is "capricious", after Picayune itself arbitrarily and capriciously disenrolled over 600 chukchansi people in 2006-2007 (not to mention the liedke group of 200 in 1999) with absolutely no avenue of appeal.
Perhaps picayune should practice what it preaches, be fair and just to it's own people, TRULY heal our circle, and bring the people--ALL the people--home to picayune...where WE BELONG!!!