Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Indian Country Today Chooses APARTHEID Reservation Leader as One of 50 Faces of Indian Country

The estimable news site Indian Country Today has chosen Mark Macarro and his 2nd wife Holly Macarro as one of 2016's 50 Faces of Indian Country .  Well, as my cousin reminded me, Time Magazine chose Hitler as their man of the year, and Ayatollah Khomenei, too, so I guess there is precedent.  Disclosure:  I have been published in ICT , thank you very much.  
Holly and Mark Macarro

Now don't get all hot and bothered saying I compared Macarro to Hitler, get real. But Macarro is a tyrant, he does run an apartheid reservation, he does support segregation on the Temecula Indian Reservation.

Macarro is quoted in the glowing piece: 

“Our Pay├│mkawichum/Luise├▒o Bands have endured much in the span of America’s history—especially when so many did so much to make us disappear,”

This is exceptionally rich, considering Macarro is responsible for making over 20% of the tribe DISAPPEAR, via disenrollment of two large families in 2004 and 2006.   

Holly Macarro has been working DILIGENTLY to steal water rights from reservation allottees that have been stripped of citizenship rights.  Effective? Not so much, as her attempts have been stalled by a few of us who had to stay at Holiday Inn Express, rather than the first class accommodations the $250,000 a year Pechanga pays her...uh, her firm.  So, it's been over $1 million..for failure.

Did the sand of time cloud the judgement of the ICT staff? Or was the NICE advertisement (pg.17) paid by Pechanga a factor?  

Mark Macarro, one of the 50 faces of Indian Country, but not a good face.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Press Release: Stop Tribal Genocide March to Protect Civil Rights

PLEASE, share this with your email lists:

P O BOX 1670


Stop Tribal Genocide Coordinates a March to Protect Civil Rights.

A Native Civil Rights March that deals with Issues that are plaguing Indian Country Today.

The two day event will take place at the State Capitol on October 6, 2016 and The Bureau of Indian Affairs Regional Office on October 7, 2016. Members of Stop Tribal Genocide and fellow protesters will meet up at the State Capitol and speak about topics pertaining to: Tribal Disenrollment, Pipelines, Fracking, Federal Recognition and Honoring of Treaties, Police Brutality, Abolishing Columbus Day, Annexing Native American Mascots and the Identity Theft of Native American Children. The first day will culminate with a March around the Capitol building. Stop Tribal Genocide will end the protest on Friday, October 7, at the Regional Office of The Bureau of Indian Affairs, where they will protest their grievances to the Bureau and hopefully place a list of grievances in the hands of the head of the Regional Office herself. 

As Founder of Stop Tribal Genocide and a Co-Coordinator for the event, Emilio Reyes, Gabrielino, says that “preserving the existence of our Tribes is our top priority and we are uniting to fight against all issues in Indian Country.” 
This event occurs during a time in America where Civil Rights violations have been taking place all over the country. These violations have caused quite a controversy and have started to unify the general public in their fight to preserve their rights. Standing Rock, North Dakota is a prime example of Native Americans, as well as people from all walks of life, banding together to stop a pipeline that can potentially harm a massive body of water that provides drinking water for thousands of people nationwide. The Native Rights Matter March is the West Coast version of that protest. 

“We want to stand together peacefully and fight for our rights and our ways of life. We are still here and will let the world know that we speak as one voice; stand as one people; and will march as one to protect our civil liberties, our land, our water, and our livelihood,” says Yulu Ewis, a member of The Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria (Coast Miwok), Co-Founder of Stop Tribal Genocide and a coordinator of this event. 

Our Native American speaker list for Thursday, October 6, is as follows:
Emilio Reyes – Stop Tribal Genocide
Yulu Ewis – Stop Tribal Genocide
Michelle Hammock – Stop Tribal Genocide
Rick Cuevas – Originalpechanga.com Blog
Dayna Barrios – Anthropologist
Sandra Sigala – Former Chairwoman of Hopland Band of Pomo Indians 
Lori Thomas – Speaker
Delbert Thomas – Speaker
Jacqueline Keeler – Journalist

We’re also proud to announce YahNe Ndgo, surrogate for Green Party Jill Stein, will be expressing on how the Green Party supports Native civil rights. 

Please join the Stop Tribal Genocide Movement on October 6-7, 2016 in Sacramento, CA and help protect Native American Civil Rights. 
For more information please refer to Stop Tribal Genocide’s Facebook link for the march: https://www.facebook.com/events/138169383279786/

Friday, September 23, 2016

BIA and Department of Interior NEGLIGENT in Calvert/Ruiz Pechanga Water Rights Bill, Trust Responsibility

In February 2011 I wrote this post below.  In the subsequent 68 MONTHS, NO BIA, Department of the Interior, Water District, or Pechanga Tribal officials have contacted Reservations ALLOTTEES about the Pechanga Water Rights bill being sought through Congress.   Water rights are FOR reservation allotments, NOT for Casino Water Features.  Ken Calvert, Raul Ruiz

Many members of Paulina Hunter descendents are receiving letters from Amy Dutschke, Regional Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, in response to our concerns over not  being consulted on the Water Rights Bill that Pechanga was trying to get pushed through the last Congress.
From the BIA letters, here is where the DOI admits to our water rights:

The Department of the Interior recognizes that allottees have water rights on allotted lands and that the United States has a trust responsibility, independent of any responsibility to the Pechanga Band, to protect those interests.
The Department is currently reviewing the proposed settlement legislation and its effect on allottees within the Reservation.

Please remember that the Hunter family is one of the few original allottees to maintain their land on the reservation.  We have homes on the original 20 acres we were allotted in 1895.  We were part of the Temecula Band of Luiseno Indians, which somehow disappeared and became the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, which has FEW allottees in the tribe.

Next passage:

Second, while a settlement may contain a provision to the effect that a tribe shall have the right, subject to applicable federal law, to manage, regulate and control the on-reservation use of all of the water rights granted or confirmed by the settlement, it must also require that, within a set period of time following execution of the settlement, the tribe enact a comprehensive water code governing all water rights granted or confirmed by the settlement.

OP:  A tribe that came into existence 100 years AFTER we got our land would set up a code for water that is OURS and then put us at their mercy?  Do you think the tribal council cares about water for allottees, or water for the casino?   HINT:  Tribal Chair Macarro does not live on the reservation, and rarely VISITS the reservation.

To be effective, the code should contain (a) a process by which any allottee may request and receive an equitable distribution of irrigation water for use on his or her allotted lands; (b) a decision making process that gives the allottee due process of law in deciding on such requests, including a process for appeal and hearing before an impartial judge or tribunal; and (c) a provision that the code does not take effect until the Secretary of the Interior has approved those parts of it, or any subsequent amendments thereto, that address irrigation water use by allottees.  OP:  Uh, yeah, Amy, we TRIED that with our disenrollment or rather extermination from the tribe.   There IS no impartiality when someone who does NOT own land tells you what to do with your land.


We are aware that the Pechanga Tribal Government presented and discussed with the Tribal membership the Settlement Agreement, allottee rights and a section by section review of the legislation on Septmber 12, 2010.

OP:  But were you AWARE that we, the allottees were NOT party to the settlement agreement?   WE receive NO notice of the meeting, the presentation.  WE were NOT party to the construction of the agreement.     Pamela Williams was at a meeting with the tribe, interesting that we were not made aware of it.    We have requested meetings with her and haven't heard back.   We REQUESTED to be involved!

I. The Department of the Interior and Pechanga Band Failed to Notify Allottees of the Negotiations to Settle Water Rights

2. After several requests, the Department has not allowed us to participate in Negotiations

3. Pechanga Tribal Officials do not Represent the Interests of all Temecula Indians or Temecula Indian Allottees

4. Temecula Indian and Temecula Indian Allottees should be Parties to the Settlement Negotiations and consulted regarding pending Acts of Congress

5. Prior to any action, HR 5413, and other Acts, should be Amended to Reflect the Ownership Interests and Water Rights Due Temecula Indians and Temecula Indian Allottees not represented by Pechanga Tribal Officials

6. The term ‘Tribal Water Right’ should be Amended to Reflect Benefit for Temecula Band and Temecula Indian Allottees

7. Entitlement to Water Shall be Satisfied by the Department of the Interior, the Temecula Band, or the Pechanga Band; and Temecula Indians and/or Temecula Indian Allottees shall not be Subject to the Pechanga Water Code or other Pechanga Band laws


Thursday, September 22, 2016

SAN PASQUAL DISENROLLMENT: ALTO Family Disenrollment UPHELD. Is Justice Served Here?

The appeals court has ruled in the Alto Descendants Case.  This is a long simmering case that we've posted on many times.  Is justice served? You decide

Read More about the case:

San Pasqual's Alto Family SUES BIA
Larry Echo Hawk Overturns his own BIA in Alto Family Ruling
BIA Ruling Reinstates Alto Family

In their ruling linked here:

Several documents support the finding that Maria Alto was not Marcus Alto
Sr.’s biological mother. The newly submitted 1907 baptismal certificate for
Marcus Alto Sr. lists “Benedita Barrios,” not Maria Alto, as his mother. Newly
submitted affidavits from Band members also support that finding, as does Maria
Alto’s enrollment application from 1930, which states that she had “no issue.”


While we acknowledge that there are inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the
record, in light of our “highly deferential” standard of review for agency decisions,
see Nw. Ecosystem All. v. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Serv., 475 F.3d 1136, 1140 (9th Cir.
2007), we cannot say that Assistant Secretary Echo Hawk’s decision was arbitrary,

capricious, or an abuse of discretion, 5 U.S.C. § 706(2)(A).

NOOKSACK Tribal Appeals Courts RULE: Galanda Broadman Must be Allowed to Practice in Tribal Court

I LOVE the smell of Justice in the Morning, it SMELLS like....VICTORY.

Law360 reports:  The Nooksack Tribal Court of Appeals on Wednesday said attorneys from Galanda Broadman PLLC must be allowed to practice in tribal court and represent members in a pending disenrollment battle, ruling a lower tribal court illegally denied them their right to challenge disbarment.

Gabriel S. Galanda, Anthony S. Broadman and Ryan D. Dreveskracht, who are seeking to represent disenrolled members of the tribe in another tribal court suit, haven’t been able to contest their disbarment, even after the appeals court previously found the tribe's chief of police in contempt for refusing to jail a clerk for the Nooksack Tribal Court who wouldn’t let the attorneys file their suit, according to the appeals court's order.


A three-judge panel ruled Wednesday that while it was unclear whether the attorneys have already been disbarred by the tribal council or disbarment proceedings are underway, the attorneys clearly had standing to bring their due process claims against the council.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pechanga Injustice: Paulina Hunter's Descendant James Appel, Walks On at 65 Without A Tribe

Sad news this morning that our cousin, James  Appel, walked on.  James was a good Christian family man, who worked his entire life, part time the last few years as a locksmith. He raised three sons and he has two grandchildren. He had a fondness for astronomy, sharing it with his brother Kent. And he loved fishing, which he did with his brother Stan.  A longtime resident of Oregon, he would attend tribal meetings in Temecula, CA, something many resident members didn't do.

A sad loss for the family and another Paulina Hunter Descendant to DIE, without the justice of restoration to the rightful place in the tribe, thanks in large part to Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro.

James used to comment frequently, under the nom de plume LUISENO.  One of his comments was so good, it deserved his own post.  I'm reprinting it here, in his honor.

Cousin Luiseno laid out how a "witch hunt" was started by a lie, perpetrated by Yolie McCarter and Basquez Crime Family Members.   The lies were easily disproved which should have halted all disenrollment activity.   Please read.

There were several statements that were stated as "fact" in the letter provided to the enrollment committee. This "information" was said to be enough to start the disenrollment process going.

1). They stated as a "fact" that a search of the public record revealed that Paulina Hunter never lived on the reservation, and that she was not on any of the reservation census records.

Tribal Disenrollment: Grand Ronde Council Thinks Courts Are ONLY Good When they RULE THEIR WAY?

Tribes like Grand Ronde LOVE Sovereignty, except when other tribes like Cowlitz exercise theirs.   And I'm sure they love the courts, when they rule THEIR WAY, instead of on the side of JUSTICE.

The Statesman Journal has the continuing story of the Chief Tumulth descendants, who were ruled as tribal members, yet the council has yet to re-install them as required.

On August 5, the tribal appeals court ordered that 66 of the 86 dis-enrolled individuals be re-enrolled; 13 of the 86 had dropped their appeals and seven had passed away during the process.

The decision by the appeals court sharply divided the tribe and became the center of campaigns throughout the reservation. Members of the enrollment board — a board separate from the council and charged with overseeing enrollment issues — came out publicly against reinstating the family. Tribal chairman Reyn Leno questioned the appeals court decision on social media and the August 31 council meeting where Anderson spoke descended into a heated debate over why the board had yet to act. Council members said they were removed from the process and the decision was for the enrollment board to make.

According to tribal counsel Robert Greene, the enrollment board is, in fact, responsible for handing the re-enrollment. However, the tribal council has stepped in before, according to councilman Chris Mercier. He said in 2013 council vice president Jack Giffen requested that the enrollment board meet outside of its schedule to re-enroll members of the tribe in time to vote. He was running for re-election at the time.

The enrollment board is not scheduled to meet until the end of the month, 16 days after the September 10 elections and 52 days after the appeals court ordered the family to be re-enrolled.

Grand Ronde officials declined to comment on the matter.

Does the issue become clearer?  We can't have these people VOTE! Who cares about disenfranchisement, as long as we WIN, right?   This council should join
SPITWAD    READ MORE at the Statesman link above, and color the Grand Ronde council.....deplorable

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rep. RAUL RUIZ: Standing Rock Sioux Not Properly Consulted: Meanwhile Ruiz Supports Pechanga Tribe In Their THEFT of WATER

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP and you won't see it on the OTHER Pechanga news site:
After traveling to North Dakota to see how a proposed oil pipeline might affect a local Sioux tribe, Rep. Raul Ruiz Rep. (D-Palm Desert) is asking for a congressional hearing to determine whether the Standing Rock Sioux were properly consulted before the Army Corps of Engineers approved permits for the project.

Meanwhile, back in his HOME STATE, Rep. Raul Ruiz is on board to support the THEFT of water rights to reservation allottees of the Temecula Indian Reservation.  He seems to conveniently forget  that the trust responsibility of the U.S. Government to INDIANS isn't just to the chiefs and chairmen.  It's to ALL native Americans. 

Pechanga Tribe needs WATER for 
Swimming Pools, not reservations allottees

HUNDREDS of Native Americans will have their water rights stolen if the Pechanga Water Rights Bill HR 5984 Passes.  We've been fighting for 6 years to be heard, to be consulted, to be recognized.  Either Rep. Ruiz is incompetent, or turning a blind eye.   I'm betting on the latter...you?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Native Rights Matter: Fundraiser Apparel Sale... Please, HELP!

We KNOW everyone can't come, but many more can HELP, via this fundraiser for NATIVE LIVES MATTER     Please, share with your friends....


Tees are also available.  Great to send to our Native Brothers and Sisters in Standing Rock...