Thursday, May 5, 2016


Tribal Disenrollment finds another avenue to harm the individual Indian.

Have heard from some sources that the COBELL SCHOLARSHIP described below is not available to those American Indians who have been disenrolled.

The Cobell Scholarship is annual, non-renewable, and available to any full-time and degree-seeking American Indian or Alaska Native post-secondary (after high school) student attending any nationally, regionally and industry accredited non-profit, public and private, institution while pursuing a vocational certificate or diploma, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, professional degree or certificate. All applicants must demonstrate an unmet need as indicated below.

As described to me:  I just learned yesterday that the entity managing the Cobell Scholarship money will not award scholarships to Indians who are not members of a federally listed tribe. This is total bullshit because those moneys are supposed to go to Cobell recipients and their heirs. I had a heated exchange with one of the directors today. He was unbending and I told him that he was just another instrument of the US and assisting in carrying out extermination of Indians.The Board of Directors have no authority to make a rule excluding Cobell recipients. He admitted that. They way they have set up the fund it will operate perpetually from the interest and they will have a job forever.  It really sucks. We are looking at a possible Class Action suit against them especially since they cannot hide behind sovereignty. 

What is YOUR experience here?  Another avenue that tribes who harm their own people, can use?  Shameful.  
Disenrolled Chukchansi member and teacher Cathy Cory stated "The United States has the responsibility to protect the trust interest of ALL Indian People, and that includes educational opportunities.  Cobell recipients were not all members of federally recognized tribes, and these scholarship funds should be available to ALL of American Indian heritage who wish to utilize them.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

SAY NO to DONALD TRUMP: NO HATER in the WHITE HOUSE Say NO to HILLARY, No Criminal in the White House

In which I sidestep into politics and updating this post from March.  Comments are OPEN, feel free to add your voice, either way.


I  say "in the White House" facetiously, because there's NO WAY a man like Donald Trump will win. (pass the crow fork, please..I misunderestimated the anti establishment fervor )  Even a despicable person like Hillary Clinton, who has Holly Macarro as her Native American advisor can beat him, according to polls.  JUST BECAUSE I may use #crookedHillary doesn't make me PRO-Trump


I can't believe that America can believe that this horrible person, Donald Trump is the person for them.

Just yesterday, at a rally, he asked a young woman, "ARE YOU FROM MEXICO?"  Like it's a bad thing.  His plan to build a wall is fine, but WHY isn't he talking about arresting and perp walking employers who hire illegals? It's ILLEGAL to hire Illegals and going after one side is like arresting the JOHNS, but NOT the hookers.

Hillary Clinton images
cartoon by BRANCO

JUST SAY NO to Trump, NO to Hillary Clinton ...  I will use MY vote for President on the LIBERTARIAN candidate, so my disgust for both Democrat and Republican is registered.  The (L) candidate won't win, the most votes ever received is about 1.3 million.  So let's TOP that number, so BOTH parties will know what we think of them.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


A group has filed a petition in federal court in an attempt to prevent more than 130 Elem Pomo Indians from being exiled through disenrollment and banishment. The group claims the action includes all of the of Elem Indian Colony residents. They argue the exile would leave an empty 52-acre reservation.

Despite disenrollment and banishment becoming widespread, especially in California, it would be unprecedented for a tribe’s entire residency to be exiled, according to attorney Little Fawn Boland who represents the group of 30 people listed in the lawsuit against the Elem Colony Executive Committee, the tribal council.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Indian Affairs REFUSES to Seek JUSTICE for San Pasqual Descendants; Should Sovereignty Apply to Fake Indians?

Decades of injustice still follow rightful San Pasqual descendants as they seek justice and their rightful place in the San Pasqual band.   As we've written before, the BIA has made such egregious errors on this issue, that they can't fix it because it's 'embarrassing'.   They hide behind sovereignty, when sovereignty shouldn't apply to fake Indians.
Here is another letter to Amy Dutschke, who has REFUSED again and again to move further in the quest for justice.   
WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT for the BIA to do the right thing?

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Rep. Luis Alejo, ANTI John Wayne Day, HONORED Civil Rights Violators and ACCEPTED Donations from APARTHEID Practitioners

You may have heard that a benign CA congressional move to honor John Wayne has been thwarted by Democrats.

The state Assembly defeated the official ode to John Wayne after several legislators described statements he made about racial minorities and his support for the anti-communist House Un-American Activities Committee and John Birch Society.

“He had disturbing views towards race,” objected Assemblyman LUIS ALEJO, D-Watsonville, who settled an illegal, campaign coordinating issue (over $20,000 worth) leading off a 20-minute debate.

YES, that Luis, you 'member, HIS RESOLUTION honored Mark Macarro, an APARTHEID reservation Chairman , who lied to Congress, stripped 25% of the tribe of their citizenship and where lifelong residents of the Temecula Indian reservation can use, the pool, the drinking fountains and the bathrooms without escort. Read about Pechanga Apartheid    Is it because his wife is a Hillary Clinton supporter/adviser?

The Democrat blowhard Alejo, ALSO honored Nancy Ayala/a>, hall of SHAME member and former leader of the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians which exterminated 60% of their citizens.

You may agree that  John Wayne is racist, although married to Latinas, even his HEADSTONE's epitaph is in Spanish.  But it this is such a bad thing, WHY do Democrats honor a President like FDR, who placed THOUSANDS of our citizens in PRISON camps for being descended from Japanese?

Look  INWARD DEMOCRATS.   LUIS has taken $12,000 fromAPARTHEID practicing tribe Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

OFF the Reservation? Hillary Clinton's Native Adviser, Holly Cook Macarro is Wife of a TYRANT, Who Harms Native Americans.

Hillary Clinton, PRETENDING
to care about Natives?
Over Ten Thousand Native Americans have been harmed by their own tribal leaders and they look for justice. Is Hillary Clinton the right president for them? We already KNOW that Trump is not right for America. With her choice for Native American advisor, now we see why her "HONEST and Trusthworthy" poll numbers are so low.

Her Native American Adviser is none other that lobbyist Holly Cook Macarro, who supported her husband's efforts to steal water from Temecula Indian Reservation allottees, going so far as to write a bill doing just that.

Hillary Clinton Advisor Holly Cook-Macarro
and husband Mark Macarro of Pechanga 

Did the HRC team vet Cook-Macarro?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ELEM Indian Colony Attorney ANTHONY COHEN: Disenrollments Are OUT for Me; Tribe Determined to Disenroll

Finally, a tribal attorney seems to have had enough of the stench of tribal disenrollment.   Elem Indian Colony, the subject of recent protest for it's unethical practices, will have to find another  attorney.

 With disenrollment-related events now happening at Elem Indian Colony, a Lake County tribe that has been my client for many years, and the public accusations that I am a supporter or collaborator in those disenrollments, I have determined I need to do two things:  1) Clarify what my role has been at Elem; and 2) step away from all further work for Elem unless/until the Tribe heals itself.

Good start, Mr. Cohen

 I was asked over a year ago to review a draft disenrollment ordinance that was, ironically, proposed by one of the people now on the disenrollment list.  I refused, and strongly advised against disenrollment as a punishment, no matter what the alleged offenses were.  The draft ordinance lacked due process provisions and was inconsistent with the Indian Civil Rights Act, the only federal law that protects tribal members from their tribal governments. 

Most ordinances are written so that their IS little due process.

When a tribe adopts the Indian Civil Rights Act into its own constitution (as, for example Dry Creek has), I believe that actions of its elected officials that violate the ICRA are outside the scope of their tribal authority and they are therefore not protected by the tribe’s sovereign immunity. They can therefore be sued in state court under PL-280. The suit would ask the court to rule that they are speaking only as individuals, not for the tribe, to enjoin them from claiming to be speaking for the tribe, and to find them liable for defamation for claiming members have been disenrolled. This could be the way to get around Santa Clara Pueblo v Martinez, which said the ICRA is a nice principle but otherwise worthless

Courts have been reluctant to do the right thing, legally speaking as they choose to accept Santa Clara Pueblo interpretation that is misguided.  

ANOTHER MURDER at Robert Smith's PALA Reservation. Is it SAFE?

A shooting at the Pala Indian Reservation in the North County left a 56-year-old man dead, authorities said Monday.  A previous murder happened in March.  This begs the question, IS PALA SAFE?
San Diego County Sheriff's deputies from the Valley Center substation were called to the 11900 block of Ortega Road in a residential area of the reservation shortly after midnight, Sheriff Homicide Sgt. Todd Norton said.
The victim was found shot numerous times as he sat in a vehicle, according to Norton. Paramedics responded and attempted to save the man's life, but he died at the scene, Norton said.
The San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office was called to the scene and will release the man's name after his family is notified. No suspect
information was released. 

Young Nooksack Member Speaks Out on Disenrollment; Savanah's Lament

We encourage our young to speak out when they see the injustices happening in their tribes, this is about tribal disenrollment and the Nooksack tribal council who are failing to follow the tribe's constitution by holding on to their seats after their terms have ended.

From 19 year old Savanah LaClair of the Nooksack Tribe

I've kept quiet about a certain problem that's happening in the Nooksack community for too long.

It's time that I start speaking up for my siblings. My mother is Erica LaClair. She has 5 children. 3 of her children are being threatened to be disenrolled from THEIR OWN tribe.

My siblings and  I are not enrolled in any other tribe. We only belong to the Nooksack tribe. Except my mother's oldest child . She disenrolled herself because she's so ashamed of what the Nooksack tribe is doing.