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Sacramento Bee writer Steve Maganini wrote this article in 2003, as Tribal Casinos proliferate, it's a good time for a reminder:  KNOW BEFORE YOU GO

Most Californians don’t realize that when they enter California Indian territory, they leave many of their rights as U.S. citizens at the border.
If you get into a car accident with a tribal employee on tribal business, are injured at an Indian resort or casino, or are fired without just cause, as Benedict Cosentino found out at Pechanga, you can’t sue the tribe in California court. If you’re owed money in a business dispute or are sexually harassed, you can’t sue, either
“As much as this looks like Bellagio (a Las Vegas hotel), this is an Indian nation,” said Mark Macarro, chairman of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, which runs a $262 million casino-resort on its reservation in Riverside County. “All governments have immunity to suit unless they agree to a waiver.”  A former customer, Richard Swan was nearly beaten to DEATH, by Pechanga's security, in 2008 and Pechanga didn't waiver.
Macarro says those who want to limit Indian sovereignty have a shortsighted view of history: “There’s an indignant self-righteousness: ‘How dare these tribes come in and impact our quality of life?’ ” he said. “A few generations ago when we were being kicked out of our villages at gunpoint, we were saying the same thing, but we were powerless to stop it. NOW, Macarro kicks out his own people from his "village" in Pechanga's Trail of Tears.

CA District Court Rules That Central Valley Miwok faction's Request for Injunction is DENIED

This long term case we wrote about in 2010 here 

The CVM accuses the Bureau, and Bureau officials, of violating federal law and the civil rights of the tribal members in denying federal funding and services to the Tribe.

However, the pleas for help only tell half the story. The recent history of the CVM is one of competing factions struggling to control the Tribe which eventually led to the disenrollment of a long-time Tribal leader.

Based on this disenrollment and the current CVM leadership’s failure to include eligible Tribal members, including the disenrolled, in the development and passage of the Tribe’s Constitution, the Bureau has declined to recognize the constitutional election and the current CVM Chairperson. As a result, there is no recognized Tribal government (according to the Bureau).

To thousands of California Indians who, over the last decade, were subjected to disenrollment and disenfranchisement from their Tribes or denied participation in tribal elections, what has occurred at CVM is nothing new.

The Courts ruled that

Preventing the implementation of the December 2015 Decision would also impair the interests of the United States and Tribe members in establishing legitimate
government-to-government relations, and preventing the Regional Director from determining the validity of other potential tribal governments would prevent Tribe members from receiving the benefits of a duly-recognized government. 

See the entire decision here

IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that plaintiffs’ motion to stay
the Assistant Secretary’s December 2015 Decision pending final resolution of this case, considered as a motion for a preliminary injunction, be, and the same hereby is, DENIED.
Dated: October 24, 2016

Energy Transfer Partners WILL PROSECUTE #NoDAPL Protesters to "fullest extent of the law"

The AP is reporting:

The developer of the Dakota Access oil pipeline said Tuesday that the dozens of protesters who have camped on company-owned land since the weekend are trespassing and that "lawless behavior will not be tolerated."
Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners said in a statement that it wants all protesters to vacate its land in North Dakota immediately.
"Alternatively and in coordination with local law enforcement and county/state officials, all trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and removed from the land," the statement said.
American Indians and others who oppose the construction of the four-state oil pipeline set up the new camp of tents and teepees Sunday, moving their long-running protest directly in the project's path for the first time.  Still no comments from Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

Andrew Masiel, Pechanga's Civil Rights Abuser & Disenroller Democrat Candidate FOR State Assembly

Are Democrats scraping the bottom of the barrel for candidates with Andrew Masiel?

I noticed that readers were coming to my blog looking at a post about former Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Tribal Council Member Andrew Masiel Sr.  It was an unusually high number, so it set my curiosity meter off.   Masiel Sr. is the Democratic candidate for State Assembly.  Count me as #NEVERMASIEL


(951) 676-5310 (Business)
Business Consultant
Andrew Masiel Sr.
Has he and the Democrats NO SHAME?  

The man who led the fight to disenroll HUNDREDS of Native Americans from his own tribe, leaving them outcasts on their own reservation, now under APARTHEID.

He didn't have the decency to look out for his own people,  recuse himself from sitting in judgement of his mother and aunt's decisions,  or even show up on time to our appeals hearings, now wants OUR support and votes for CA state assembly against Marie Waldron?  NOTE:  THIS IS NOT A PRO-WALDRON post, it is ANTI-Masiel.

Here are some of his disqualifications:

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I am SO proud of all of our Native brothers and sisters who stand up against the Dakota pipeline, which is going through treaty lands and through the ancestor's resting places.

Does anyone besides me wish that we would see the same efforts to stand up for those who have been harmed by their own tribes?  
This motto above, should inspire all who have been harmed, to find their backbones and stand up for ALL of us who have been harmed.

So few are still working to defend the honor of their ancestors against the tyranny of corrupt tribal leaders and against the apathy of the BIA and the almost hysterical ignorance of our elected officials to their trust responsibility.  Is it any wonder that tribes continue to disenroll, when they know they can get away with it for say a DECADE or two?

HOW to fight?

  • Write comments on news articles, if they are Facebook linked, TAG your family.  
  • Join Twitter so you can pass on articles to BIA, Senate, House, news
  • Get your family's back in the fight
  • Write a story for the media, including this fight
  • TALK about your issue, remarkably, most people still DO NOT KNOW.
Why not give up?

Can you really do that?   While so many are fighting for YOU, your kids, your ancestors?

As we learned from Enterprise Rancheria bringing people home, it's NEVER TOO LATE.  Unless your relative dies while disenrolled as attorney Gabe Galanda writes today.  Can YOU live with that?  Your relatives dying, while YOU wait for someone to DO SOMETHING?  Which usually means...why won't someone ELSE do something...


Monday, October 24, 2016

UPDATES Tribal Casino Tour Bus Crash Kills At Least 13, 31 injured

photo from Chris Tarpening

Sad news about another Indian Casino tour bus crash, early this morning at 5:17...13 reported fatalities so far.  There are approximately 31 passengers on the bus that were transported with minor to serious injuries.

The tour bus was identified as a USA Holiday bus and was transporting passengers from the RED EARTH CASINO.  More news to follow...

The tour bus had smashed into the rear of the big rig, KILLING the DRIVER and the front of the bus was enveloped by the big rig's trailer. Dozens of firefighters swarmed the scene, struggling to reach victims. They used chainsaws to break open the vehicle and make their way into its front, even though it was clear there was barely any room to fit inside.

In 2013 there were TWO tribal casino bus crashes on the SAME DAY  which at the time drove the number of tour bus crashed to SIX in four months.  
In 2015 there was another Pala Casino tour bus crash that hospitalized 13.


The speed was reported as SIGNIFICANT, due to the length of the entry in the trailer.  The truck driver received minor injuries..
The 1996 bus had been inspected each year for the last 3 years. 

Investigators will look at whether the driver fell asleep, had a heart attack or was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Abele said. They will also investigate the possibility of a mechanical failure. 

Authorities hope to recover a data recorder that would reveal how fast the bus was traveling and whether the driver braked before impact. The bus, manufactured in 1996, may not have one on board, officials said



Sunday, October 23, 2016

How Tribal Disenrollment Affects Members from PALA and Pechanga. KCBS Cristy Fajardo Reporting

Re-POSTED to let our new readers have an idea how two local tribal casino tribes from Temecula and Valley Center, both Luiseno, have affected their membership by revoking tribal citizenship: KCBS Channel 2 reporter CRISTY FAJARDO reports on disenrollment for greed and power tonight. Pay special attention as to how WEAK the responses are from the two tribal chairmen, Mark Macarro and Robert Smith! They can lie and obfuscate with ease.

Here is the video, PLEASE watch and share..

Friday, October 21, 2016

#NativeRightsMatter: Video That Sums Up the Disenrollment Situation in :30 Seconds

There were many of us who represented over 10,000 Native Americans who have been harmed by their corrupt tribes.   REPRESENT, by SHARING this post and :30 video  #NativeRightsMatter  #StopDisenrollment

Thank you to Emilio Reyes for putting this together, and for his partners Kristin Debler and Michelle Hammock for coordinating the event.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

SAY NO to DONALD TRUMP and Say NO to HILLARY, No Criminal in OUR White House

I sidestep into politics and updating this post from March,  now after 3 debates, the first won by Hillary, the 2nd Trump by a nose and the 3rd a tie, I'm:   #NEVERHILLARY, #NEVERTRUMP

Comments are OPEN, feel free to add your voice, either way. If WE can't discuss politics...what good are politicians?

I  say "in the White House" facetiously, because there's NO WAY a man like Donald Trump will win. (pass the crow fork, please..I misunderestimated the anti establishment fervor )


I can't believe that America can believe that this horrible person, Donald Trump is the person for them. He is a threat to all that's decent and he's NOT a conservative.

Just yesterday, at a rally, he asked a young woman, "ARE YOU FROM MEXICO?"  Like it's a bad thing.  I'm not from Mexico, but my great grandfather was, and he was here 50 year before Trump's MOTHER.

His plan to build a wall is fine, but WHY isn't he talking about arresting and perp walking employers who hire illegals? It's ILLEGAL to hire Illegals and going after one side is like arresting the JOHNS, but NOT the hookers.

Even a despicable person like Hillary Clinton, who has Holly Macarro as her Native American advisor can beat him, according to polls.  JUST BECAUSE I may use #crookedHillary doesn't make me PRO-Trump, Hillary still hates gays, failed in Libya, lied to us about her email server, and will profit from the presidency, her team has low opinions of blacks, Latinos.  
Hillary Clinton images
cartoon by BRANCO

JUST SAY NO to Trump who simply is not up to the task in my opinion. I have worked with CEO's of BILLION DOLLAR companies, and the comparision between Trump and them is....staggering.   

JUST SAY NO  to Hillary Clinton who is a criminal and a pathological liar, QUALIFIED, but UNFIT for our highest office. She takes donation from corrupt tribes, and really, you CANNOT believe she gives a crap about anyone whose last name isn't CLINTON ... She is two faced as they come and completely untrustworthy.... 

I will use MY vote for President on the LIBERTARIAN candidate, so my disgust for both Democrat and Republican is registered.  The (L) candidate won't win, the most votes ever received is about 1.3 million.  So let's TOP that number, so BOTH parties will know what we think of them.