Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pauma Tribe LOSES it's ANTI-Union Attempts. NLRB Rules Employees CAN wear UNITE union pins

Pauma tried to claim history of poverty...it didn't fly.  NO more threatening employees.  UNIONS are happy...

The Respondent, Casino Pauma, Pauma Valley, California, its officers, agents,
successors, and assigns, shall
1. Cease and desist from:
(a) Maintaining or enforcing a rule that prohibits employees from wearing any union
buttons or insignia.
(b) Threatening to discipline employees, either orally or in writing, for wearing any union
20 buttons or insignia.
(c) Surveilling employees to see if they are wearing any union buttons or insignia.
2. Take the following affirmative action necessary to effectuate the policies of the Act:
(a) Rescind its handbook rule banning employees from wearing any union buttons or
(b) Furnish all current employees with inserts for their current employee handbooks that
30 (1) advise that the unlawful rule has been rescinded, or (2) provide a lawfully worded rule on
adhesive backing that will cover the unlawful rule; or publish and distribute to all current
employees revised employee handbooks that (1) do not contain the unlawful rule, or (2) provide
a lawfully worded rule.
35 (c) Within 14 days of the Board’s order, rescind and remove any reference from its files
to the April 18, 2013 email it sent to employee Victor Huerta about violating the rule, and, within
3 days thereafter, notify Huerta in writing that this has been done and that the email will not be
used against him in any way.
40 (d) Within 14 days after service by the Region, post at its facility in Pauma Valley,
California copies of the attached notice marked “Appendix” in both English and Spanish.

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