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Monday, July 7, 2014

Mark Macarro's Reservation: What Makes A Pechanga Indian? Do FACTS Matter to Macarro?

One of my cousin's wrote this a while back, and another cousin thought it would be good to be brought forward.

I wanted to bring this question up because I am sort of at a loss to answer it myself.
I thought I knew the answer, but it seems I am in error in my judgment. Let me start by first stating a few facts that both the enrollment committee and myself agree upon.

1). Both the enrollment committee and myself agree Paulina Hunter and all her descendents were/are of Indian blood (Paulina being 100%).
2). It is not disputed that she was a Luiseno/Temecula Indian (they have pretty much gone so far as to agree this also).
3). She moved with her fellow Indians when they were kicked out of the Temecula village to the place known as Pechanga to live there with them.
4). She was given a land grant on that reservation as a Luiseno/Temecula Indian.
5). She is listed on every census record from the creation of the reservation until her death, sometimes as a Luiseno Indian, sometimes as a Temecula Indian, and even some list her as a Pechanga Indian. Ok, now the enrollment committee says that being a Luiseno Indian is not enough, nor is being a Temecula Indian enough, also living on the reservation and receiving a land grant as a Temecula/Luiseno Indian is not enough to make her a Pechanga Indian (or so the enrollment committee has told us).
6).Also lets just forget the fact that other Pechanga Indians gave written statements that they knew her as a Pechanga member (they say that the reference to living with them is not enough proof, disregarding the inclusive references in there statements.).
7).Also lets forget that Antonio Ashman also stated in a witnessed and signed statement that he knew her as a Pechanga member.

So PLEASE tell me....... WHAT does make a Pechanga Indian a Pechanga Indian (I really would like an answer to this one please, because I seem to be at a loss for an answer myself). 

Apparently my family has been mistaken for several hundred years, and we need to set the record straight.

OP: Maybe it's because we don't have the criminal records that the Masiel/Basquez crime family does? Did people really "wannabe" Indians in the late 1800's?
 Was Pechanga so fascinating that someone who wasn't one of the tribe, that they'd want to be in the tribe, in uh say 1860's California? (psst, that was way before Basquez/Masiels got there! I guess they weren't comfortable without a prison nearby)


Anonymous said...

There is a list of factual truth, that is easily supported by records that are available anytime anywhere. The answer given by the Bad Actor "Macarro" when asked why the Hunters where dis enrolled is the famous lie, "we would have done the same if it was a corn field instead of a casino." The sad fact is he supported the Bad Actors and still does, even after the Band did vote on a petition to stop Disenrollment "allow All enrolled members" to be left alone and move forward together. The constitution allowed the band to bring families in that did not meet enrollment requirement issues, but it did not keep families in that did meet the requirements. That fact is crystal clear also, and no matter who lies about it to the outside they are Bad Actors too.

Anonymous said...

The Bad Actors are comfortable with the lies and misinformation they are broadcasting because they believe Sovereignty allows them to carry on the lies and misinformation even though the true Ancestors of Temecula/Pechanga gave depositional truth a long time ago. The real sad fact is they would disrespect the written truth for broadcast lies and misinformation. Maybe The Bad Actors are asking for a corn field instead of Sovereignty rights that they abuse?

Anonymous said...

The Bad Actors can clean the mess, or keep adding to it.

Anonymous said...

Our Ancestral people who suffered the take over of their rights by greedy people who wanted their place back in the Temecula ranchero days, and were pushed here and there by the greedy, take away everything people settled many times and finally where kicked back to Pechanga again. Now, within the band not in 1890, 1915, 1920, 1930, 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 2000, 2004 a faction from within does what our ancestors went through from outsiders. We are more than you and we will now say we don't recognize you. We, the Bad Actors say we don't care what our ancestors say, we speak today, and it does not matter to me what the belief was in all the following years. Even if everyone and everything else recognizes you, we wont so that's the our truth today.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It is so sad that the only thing these committees and tribal councils will be remembered for is how they helped dismantle their own history and legitimacy as a tribe. What is even more disturbing is the amount of people that were a part of a tribe from before federal recognition and worked side by side with members to get federal recognition and now people that know the truth are arguing those same people that put in the work, blood, sweat, and tears do not belong. Are people that ignorant to think that people don't know the actual truth and even more importantly were present when original forms were signed and articles of association were put in place. It is time to stop allowing ignorance to continue and allowing people to lie there way into disenrollment hearings. Make no mistake, those that do not stand up for what is right will be exposed in name for what they allowed to happen by being silent. Your good name is as good as gone forever if you encourage and support termination and relocation of your own people. Stand up people or you are one disenrollment away from losing all your history, heritage, advocates, and legitimacy as a people.
May 22, 2012 at 4:45 PM

Anonymous said...

What do you want us to do? we are weak and powerless? I am afraid to get hurt and don't want to break a nail.

Anonymous said...

@July 8, 2014 at 1:01 PM
The best thing to do is what your heart is telling you to do. Listen closely, and I hope your telling the truth! Sarcasm, and misunderstanding everyone is different, used to make me feel uncomfortable. As soon as I realized we are "ALL" different for a reason, I felt comfortable again.

Anonymous said...

My Ancestor recognized the Hunter clan, but hey why should I have to recognize their descendants? They enrolled back when the Band joined the recognition, but today I don't need to allow them to share in anything, it's all Mine. I'm sure our Ancestors understand my explanation.

Luiseno said...

When I originally posted the question I was in a real quandary. I honestly hoped to receive an answer to the question "What Makes A Pechanga Indian?". I wish someone from the other side would have answered the question, and stated just WHY Paulina Hunter didn't qualify or perhaps no longer qualified.

Sigh... I guess I will have to accept the answer "because we said so..."

Anonymous said...

Basically yes days before the disenrollment procedures Francis Miranda told a family member that it didn't matter what documentation we had we were going to be disenrolled.

Anonymous said...

@ July 12, 2014 at 3:08 PM

More truth told, and the current election has two Bad Actors to choose from. Macarro or Basquez, Hopefully Macarro can show his lying skills inside and gets reelected. The runner against does not deserve the attention inside or out of the Band.