Monday, July 14, 2014

Indian Country Today Publishes My Article REBUTTING UCLA Professor's FACTUALLY INACCURATE STORY on Pechanga Disenrollment

I am proud to say I have been published in Indian Country Today!

It's a takedown of UCLA Professor Duane Champagne's article on disenrollment, which, using Pechanga as an example was so wrong, it had to be DELIBERATE.  PLEASE read it at the link here, at like it for Facebook and Twitter AND GOOGLE PLUS.

Shining a spotlight on the corruption is critical.

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Anonymous said...

This is great, you really point out the facts well. You are a true warrior for the people, keep up the good work and hopefully all others will pitch in to get the truth out. Our words are loud and clear, our knowledge of truth is our strength, and we will eventually help to rid all tribes of evil leaders, and reconnect the sacred circle of people, not always perfect, but always family.