Friday, March 7, 2014

What the MEDIA is MISSING in Tribal Disenrollment Stories

MURDER, ELDER ABUSE, THEFT, CORRUPTION, VOTER INTIMIDATION, CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, are just a FEW of the issues the media gloss over when doing a story on tribal disernollment.    It took a murder at Cedarville to get Indian Affairs Secretary Washburn out of his hole.
What the media fails to expose to expose:

(1) How repeated requests to Senate and Congressional representatives have fallen to deaf ears:

(2) How repeated requests to Senate and Congressional Committees have fallen to deaf ears.  Even our Representatives requests go unanswered by committee chairs.

(3) How many disenrollments have occurred around the country to casino tribes?  How much money does the casinos bring in annually? And how much does government lobbying bring to our politicians?

(4) Congress needs to amend ICRA to put enforcement in civil rights statutes where disenrollment is involved; disenrollment is equivalent to losing citizenship

(5) Various human interest stories of hardship, including loss of housing, land, votes, financial assistance, all while councils are enriching themselves and their lobbyist wife..

We must contact our news media, shows like 60 minutes, 20/20 and get an in-depth profile done. 

Then and only then, maybe the federal government might do something.


Anonymous said...

When did you go down to your congressman's office and talk to him? (Local)

Maybe you should go watch (paint dry)?

Anonymous said...

A call to arms is not going to work.....your only hope and prayer my lie with the outcome of Michigan vs. Bay Mills S.C. case. It will either strengthen sovereign immunity or open the door to protect individual Indians against criminal behavior by tribal governments, your only hope at present.

Anonymous said...

Bay Mills case, aint good for any Indian, enrolled or not. So what if you are re-enrolled because of it.. what you return to will be totally powerless. and open to litigation from all outside entities. You'll wish it hadn't won.

dream team said...

Better chance if you sue the California Governor under the "Hobbs act".

Terrorists are running the Pechanga Government "hotdogs".

Does he have an obligation to the real "Temecula Indians " hell yes!

Get off this blog with your weak case law.

Anonymous said...

Quit acting like tribal sovereignty is the be all, end all. Your ass is sucking wind if you think that. It has been bestowed upon tribes by the Supreme Court of the United States of America and what the S. C. giveth, the S.C. can taketh away. What do the disenrollee's have to lose, absolutely nothing. Tribal sovereignty is neither a constitutional or Congressional legally.

Anonymous said...

Before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, tribal sovereignty can operate to benefit the majority of tribal members.

But then again tribal leaders can also uphold the laws of the tribe, work to make sure that tribal government is just and fair, distribute gaming revenue equally among members, and represent the interests of their tribe honestly and responsibly in government to government relationships.

And the BIA could actually do its job, honor the fiduciary trust, promote the general welfare of tribal members, and assist tribes in developing governments that preserve culture and tradition while administrating justice and fairness among all members.

And tribal members could inform themselves on the issues, use their votes wisely to express the consensus of the tribe, oppose corruption and injustice at the tribal level, and respect the hopes, wishes, and dreams of their ancestors for harmony and balance in the land.

I guess there is plenty of blame to share among everyone except for the disenrollees who did nothing to deserve the evil that has been inflicted on them.

Anonymous said...

What do diss-enrollees have to lose? Gee I thought they were fighting for civil rights, and maybe rejoining their respective tribes.. and re-focusing on the larger struggles with US/Tribal relations. When you put it in those terms, sounds to me then that all they want is revenge and to get one over on all tribes... why should I care for the plight of the diss-enrolled if they just want to support purposely hurting all tribes? Because I don't if it's in those terms.

Anonymous said...

And yes I know tribal sovereignty is pretty much worthless.... but as the BIA men who brought us our first draft constitutions said... "It's better than nothing".....

Anonymous said...

The dis-enrollees just want things to be the way they were. Relatives hanging out, laughing, fighting, singing, dancing together. Everyone knowing who they are, where they belong, unconditional love, brother helping brother, cousin helping cousin, aunts, uncles, grandparents all in the same area. Waving to the neighbor, walking down the road saying "what's up cuz?" If they fight it is just blood, blood is thicker than water. If they gossip it is just "you know who", no big deal. If they get drunk and pass out you have their back. That's what they want. Their rightful heritage that has been stolen and stripped from them and then tossed out like it never mattered or existed.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother would not recognize her tribe anymore. I remember how important family was to her, and how much she loved to have everyone together. In those days there was a great spirit of love and hospitality. Even though there was not much money, the generosity was sincere and heartfelt.

Now there is meanness in the hearts of the people. They would rather count dollars than sing the songs of our ancestors. They abuse and cast out family just to increase their share. They take instead of giving. They hate instead of loving.

They do not remember what it means to be an Indian. They are no longer of the people and the Great Spirit will bring shame upon their names.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should take the time to send an e-mail to your local news media. if they receive enough e-mails, maybe one of them would be willing to at least investigate Robert Smith & Theresa Nieto.I think that Mr. Turko, with KUSI news would be a good start. I have already sent mine, 3 times.

Anonymous said...

Dream boy, your over their head with the "hobbs act". Some of these people can't even spell .

Most of the current members are to fucking stupid to know what your saying also.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing that the disenrolled should stop asking for the congress and the B.I.A. to step in on the illegal disenrollment because it will erode sovereignty. These tribes do not follow their own tribal constitution or laws when disenrolling and when question on it they throw up sovereignty like a shield to hide their actions. Our intent is not to attack sovereignty but when these tribal governments use it to hide their action we won’t back down and then they cry stop you are going to hurt our sovereignty who is to blame if sovereignty is eroded. This is a two Way Street on this sovereignty erosion of pointing fingers at. The tribal governments that have disenrolled could waive their sovereignty per case of disenrollment and settle it in front of the dept of interior this does not mean the tribe is giving up their sovereignty it only means they are waiving it for that case. So before you attack us and say you are going to ruining it for everyone in that same breath you should be telling these tribal governments the same thing.

Anonymous said...

To all you tribal sovereignty huggers, put as simply as possible. By allowing these Indian casino clubs to be Guardian of the hen house with out a higher legal review is like the old adage goes. Hey chief did you eat those chickens today, as he/she stands there with feathers hanging out of their mouths. Get real slimy lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Robert Harrison Smith,& Theresa
"Owl Face" Nieto,like to hide behind sovereignty.However, before to long someone is going to get fed up, and say Fuck sovereignty and shoot both of them.Just like Danny Glover did in that movie,Lethal Weapon.