Sunday, March 9, 2014

USING Social Media to Spread Details of Injustice in Indian Country.

Here are Twitter addresses to which to share stories of injustice in Indian Country.  This blog, as well as have buttons to tweet out each story.  GOOGLE + each story too, please.  Using this method as well as email will help.

@USIndianAffairs =   BIA
@Interior = Dept. of the Interior
@IndianCommittee = Senate Indian Affairs Committee (SIAC)
@NatResources   = Natural Resources Committee
@NRDems   = Democratic Side
@Indianz   =
@CantwellPress   = Majority SIAC
@SenJohnBarrasso = Minority SIAC
@Senator Boxer   = CA Senator Barbara Boxer
@SenFeinstein    = CA Senator Dianne Feinstein

@PiaMalbran - CBS producer


Anonymous said...

Do the dis-enrolled or moratorium people know how to use twitter?

You left out Hillary's Clintons twitter account.

Joe said...

Rick ,I am lost for "words" and do not understand why a dis-enrolled or moratorium person cannot open a twitter account .

I have no "respect " for someone who can't openly tweet the, Bia,Obama,Eric Holder,and attach their name to it?

P.S If your using Twitter to stalk people that's a crime.

OPechanga said...

Anyone can OPEN a twitter account.

But that takes effort that many don't want to do.

It's a simple exercise that can have benefits. The more people dogpile on corrupt councils, the more you will get reporters on the case.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these. Another useful post would be the E-mail addresses and/or the mail addresses of these people or any others that disenrollees can contact with complaints, news, comments, and information.

It could even be in a sidebar or sticky on the blog.


Anonymous said...

For those of you that don't already know,Feinstein and her husband are close friends with Howard Dickstein.In fact her husband has an office in the same suite as Dickstein. I believe he is the contractor that builds, and has built many of the Casino's
including Pala's.

Anonymous said...

Yeah from what I can tell most democrats are for the tribal leaders, they feel that they have a connection with Indian people through the leaders and of course they get contributions from the Casinos tribes for their campaigns. Most of the media is all for the leaders too, but if they decide that an investigation would bring good results and good ratings, they might do a story. Our best bet is to find someone who wants the truth to be told. Maybe Bill O'reilly or Sean Hannity. American Greed show might be interested too. If one big national outfit starts it and recognizes that their is major corruption, not only among the leaders but among the people who are connected to them, then it would totally work. As long as Obama gets away with his corruption so to will the Tribal Leaders. It is unfortunate, but Howard Dickstein has become pretty powerful and has been to the Whitehouse, he has these people convinced the individual members should not have rights and that they are blowing things out of proportion and that should have been disenrolled. He also has huge ties with the Maloof Family, so does Robert. If we can knock down one, we can get them all, because they are all intertwined.

Joe said...

Maybe the last two posters could open a twitter account and tweet your concerns to Feinstein and Sean Hannity?