Thursday, March 6, 2014

Secretary Washburn, YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS PART 3 - Laura Wass, Director of AIM Central CA Responding

Laura L Wass, Director of the American Indian Movement in Central CA responds to Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Kevin Washburn's flaccid interview in Indian Country Today regarding sovereignty.  Add your voice and please SHARE this on Facebook and Twitter : 

Assistant Secretary Kevin Washburn’s comments are entirely representing how, once again, the federal government continues to exercise its policy of Indian Extermination. 

To dare state “trample over their sovereignty and self-governance” in regards to the disenrollment issue shows either ignorance of Indian history, or a blatant attempt at shirking responsibility and accountability from his office. 

Let’s talk about trampling on Tribal sovereignty!  
Let’s talk about how the federal War Department shattered the tribes, attempted to use every means possible to destroy culture and traditions, removed Indians from their lands and all held sacred. 
Let’s talk about how the Secretary of Interior’s office built prison camp reservations and Rancherias as they stole Indian children to fill their boarding schools, sent in lawyers and BIA to write federal style Indian constitutions to fit their purpose. 
Let’s talk about the congressional acts of relocation, termination, reorganization, the secret sterilization of our Indian men and women at the hands of IHS. 

Trample over tribal sovereignty? 

This is exactly what is happening again through the dismemberment of Indian Peoples from their tribal bodies! 

Tribal sovereignty belongs not just to a tribal government but to the whole of its tribal citizens. 
All Indian citizens have the inherent right to be protected, to not live in fear, to enjoy the same rights as each of their citizens. 

What we see going on today with those who are practicing this new paper genocide are tribal government dictatorships conducting business without full knowledge of Indian history and their sacred duty to build their Nations strong and thriving once again. 

Congress set up the horror we’re seeing today amongst the tribal citizens. They must take responsibility and hold themselves accountable for their shameful acts, now! 

The Secretary’s office must lead the charge to stop the tragedies from continuing, clean up the mess and restore all Indian citizens to their inherent rightful place………..their tribes! 

We invite Assistant Secretary Kevin Washburn and whomever else he may choose to meet with us and find resolution immediately before more Indian lives are destroyed! 

Laura L Wass  American Indian Movement Central California

OP:  Time to get re-energized.   Get your family back INTO THE FIGHT.  

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Anonymous said...

Exactly, if its you or not it should not happen in the Indian way. Abusing people is not acceptable.