Wednesday, March 12, 2014

TRIBAL CORRUPTION: Nooksack Council Terminates Employees of Nooksack 306 before Elections

Received word from Nooksack people that Chairman Bob Kelly has engaged in shady acts, firing those from the Nooksack 306.  Fighting for their right to belong is NOT looked kindly upon. Let's hope this weekend's vote bodes well for the 306.

Well Bob Kelly, Katherine Caniete, Bob Solomon, Rick George, Abbie Smith, Roy Bailey have gone over board and have fired anyone that is part of the 306 today. 
Another example of how they are using their power for nothing other than hurting people. We need change and elect people that make decisions for the RIGHT reasons. This has to show people how WRONG they are and have been." -- Nooksack Councilwoman Michelle Roberts


Rene Smith said...

Sounds to me like no on has been watching the chicken coop for quite some time, and the fox has had its way way too long. Romove them and elect a new Council. Before they do any thing you may all regret. Have them aditted.something sounds shady.

Anonymous said...

Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Get all your story's and facts correct! If the 306 belong than show proof!! THEY CANT haha so stop playing the damn blame game and grow up! This current council has done such great things for the tribe that no other council has done before! 306 don't belong!

Anonymous said...

I was told it was their family, that killed two white people just walking down the road for being white, idk im form outta state tho