Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nooksack Tribal Election Results: Hate Filled Bob Kelly Re-Elected

Nooksack Tribal Elections results are in.  Looks like Bob Kelly has been re-elected even while pushing a hateful agenda.

Here are the election results.

George Adams 337 
Bob Kelly 380

Roy Bailey 349
Nadene Rapada 373

Position A
Emoi Johnny 356
Bob Solomon 363

Position B
Carmen 363
Lona 356


Anonymous said...

so sorry for the Nooksack 306. This is a perfect example of either some type of voter fraud or the other members do not care unless it happens to them. We will see.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the candidate running against Bob Kelly was not popular, or not considered the right choice to lead the tribe? There are other concerns beyond disenrollment for all tribes, although killing off such a large number of your tribe has to rank high on the list of concerns.

Honestly, I know that voter fraud is real, and it brings me great sadness to think that many tribes can't even trust in the fairness of their elections. It was never like this in the old days. Of course there wasn't much in the way of democracy at all before it was forced on tribes.

All in all, especially for tribes with casinos and lots of money to distribute, democracy is a necessity, as are checks and balances, and external independent audits. You just can't trust your leaders anymore. If you trust you get burned.

Anonymous said...

How come all the numbers don't add up I guess some people only cared to vote for 1 or 2 if the positions running. Also does Nooksack have a ballot throw out policy like Pala? If ballots have any markings they toss them.

Anonymous said...

322 votes?? How many enrolled members? If you can't bother to vote at your tribal election you don't deserve to be a member because obviously you don't care.

Anonymous said...

The only way to replace an incunbent is to hire that legal team,Smith & Wesson.They have an excellent investigator.His name is Colt Fortyfive.

Anonymous said...

The number of votes cast says 722.

Chariman: 337+380=717

Secretary: 349+372=722

Position A: 356+363=719

Position B: 363+356=719

3 voters did not cast votes for Chairman, Position A or Position B. 5 Voters in all did not cast votes for Chairman.

The voting for Position A and Position is exactly the same numbers. 356 votes for one candidate, and 363 votes for the other candidate.

Something smells bad about this vote tally.