Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NCAI Hates TEAM Name-Calling, Disenrollment is OKAY?

I always get a kick about how the National Congress of American Indians reacts to the name Redskins ( I think it's offensive, but in a poll here last year, readers, mostly identifying as NATIVE....did not).   
Yet the NCAI  are alarmingly silent on the scourge of disenrollment that has ripped the hearts from Native People, much more than the moniker of a football team.    REALLY, NCAI?  Is this what is important to you?  Have you called tribes who have disenrolled and spoke to them about the THOUSANDS of Native Americans who have had their heritage wiped away?  
How about standing up for those of us who have been harmed by YOUR MEMBERS?   Pala, Pechanga, San Pasqual, to name JUST A FEW.
The National Congress of American Indians was quick to react to NFL Washington Redskins owner Snyder’s announcement of his new foundation. The country’s oldest American Indian organization issued the following statement late Tuesday morning, March 25, 2014:
The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) is encouraged to see that after decades of insisting their team name supposedly honors Indian Country, the Washington, DC football team’s owner is dedicating time and resources to the challenges facing tribal nations.
 However, this Foundation will only contribute to the problems in Indian Country if it does not also address the very real issue of how Native people are consistently stereotyped, caricaturized, and denigrated by mascot imagery and the use of the R-word slur. For Mr. Snyder and the Foundation to truly support and partner with Indian Country, they must first change the name of the DC team and prove that the creation of this organization isn’t just a publicity stunt.” 
A real issue, NCAI?   A NAME?  How about Native veterans eliminated posthumously from tribes?   Elders abused, children yanked from tribal schools.   Think about THAT the next time to rub shoulders with Mark Macarro of Pechanga,  or Robert Smith of Pala.


Unknown said...

Good Post, and totally on point. As a Native most words in my opinion are not very offensive. It is almost is a compliment, because our Native Culture and Activism is as visible and vibrant as ever..... NCAI has there heads up there ass and probably are funded by these terrible Tribal Governments. It is so absurd that not one BIA official or any officials in congress are eager to investigate this Tribal genocide. Its sad as a Native but also as an American Citizen.

Anonymous said...

Well said. On that note your all kidding yourselves you know the world revolves around $$$ and as long as the corrupt tribal leaders have access to millions of it they will always win. Congress,BIA,NCAI,other tribal members can say all they want about caring for the native people but as long as they are receiving $$ from these tribal leaders they will not go against them.

OPechanga said...

And that could lead to an erosion of sovereignty. A further erosion. There will come a time when the government will stand up and say "ENOUGH".
That's why we must do our part. We don't have the deep pockets, but we have computers, pens, faxes that can expose the corruption.

We have shut down Pechanga's illegal water grab, TWICE in Congress and that costs them money.

Our first step stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and STILL beat the crap out of Pechanga' high paid lobbyists and attorneys. There ARE successes...we need more.

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

a ho'!