Saturday, December 21, 2013

Over 100 Injured in FIVE CA Tribal Casino Tour Bus Crashes in The Last FOUR MONTHS.

It's time for Tribal Casino patrons to look a little closer at their bus transports in Southern California.

With news of the two recent crashes this week that resulted in 1 fatality and over 50 injured, that brings the total of the SIX crashes of casino tour buses in just the past 4 months to over 110 injured. If you ad the Pechanga shuttle bus crash of last year, the total rises above 120 injured.

Makes you wonder if casinos have any concern over whether the companies they charter are safe, doesn't it?

Should casinos require safety records for charters to their casinos?   Should our state be looking into this issue and crackdown on permits?    What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

The stare of California already knows that cigarette smoke kills even when it's second hand smoke, yet they allow the Casinos to be smoke filled....the smoke will kill many more people than the 2 that were killed in these crashes, so why should they care?