Monday, December 23, 2013

Black Cherokee Freedmen Hater/Abuser Chad Smith Announces Candidacy for Cherokee Nations Principal Chief

Losing to the current principal chief two years ago, Chad Smith announced this morning that he will run for his old job in the 2015 Cherokee Nation elections.
It sets up a rematch between Smith and Bill John Baker, who took office in 2011 after an election that included four recounts, a federal intervention and a re-vote.
“Some will say that it is best that I not run because of those who oppose me,” Smith said this morning during a press conference at the Tulsa Press Club downtown. “I say I run because of those who support me.

Of Baker’s term as principal chief, Smith said it is “promises made, promises broken. The Cherokee people have had enough.”

Serving three terms as chief between 1999 and 2011, Smith opposed voting rights for Cherokee freedmen, the descendants of former slaves. And he led a successful campaign in 2007 to pass a tribal constitutional amendment to exclude them from voting.

But he lost a re-election after federal authorities pressured the tribe to have a second election, counting the freedmen votes.


Anonymous said...

Something about that Smith name huh? Smith is not even an Indian Name, it is as white as they come!!!!

Ahtletsai Ama said...

You clearly know nothing about the Cherokee Nation with that comment. He is a descendent of the same Smith line that nearly singlehandedly preserved and kept our traditional ceremonial grounds alive during the last half of the 19th century. His ancestor was one of our most important medicine men, Redbird Smith. The several flourishing grounds we have today would not exist if not for those efforts. At the height of this resurgence in 1901, we had around 30 stomp grounds. According to your disrespectful comments toward this much loved family, I'd assume that you see Chief Joseph as "white as they come" due to the name Joseph. Honor yourself by not disrespecting the elders of other tribes. Wado.

Unknown said...

Yea Chad Smith is 1/67 cherokee. .. Just like Baker is 1/32 cherokee but Smith had a problem with freedmen who many are 1/4 cherokee next chief will be 1/100 cherokee... ha ha ha yep...o.O SMITH NEEDS to just sit back and knit...

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Chad Smith apple fell FAR from that tree