Thursday, December 12, 2013

After Stripping Pechanga Veterans of Their Citizenship, Pechanga Looks to Hire Veterans

The Pechanga Band Of Luiseno Indians Stripped many military veterans from the tribe of their citizenship, some posthumously in their purge of two large families.  They stole their heritage and benefits from them and NOW, they look to gain some goodwill by interviewing veterans.

Read about their treatment of veterans:

Pechanga Mistreats Biker Vets, Welcome Mongols
Pechanga Scrubs Veterans’ Page from Website

Dozens of unemployed military veterans were given one-on-one interviews Wednesday during a unique job fair/open house hosted by the Pechanga Resort & Casino, one of the county’s largest employers.
More than 110 invitations were sent out to veterans or reservists — part of the casino’s push to fill 150 jobs — and more than 40 responded, according to Pechanga public relations manager Ciara Green.
Some of the veterans, a group selected from a pool of online applications, drove in from Orange and San Bernardino counties with resumes in hand to talk about open positions.


Anonymous said...

Everything they do us for publicity...they are just like the Kardashians.....always trying to make themselves look good....but fail to tell people about the stealing they have done and continue to do.

Anonymous said...

they are never gonna let anybody in,their nothing but mexicanscluthzi10

Anonymous said...

they are never gonna let anybody in,their nothing but mexicans