Monday, December 9, 2013

Nooksack Tribe Disenrollment: SCREW DUE PROCESS, We Don't Need No Stinking Due Process

Tribal disenrollment leads to many ugly issues:  Complete lack of transparency from tribal government.  No regular scheduled meetings and now it looks like the 306 members of the Nooksack Tribe will get some of their punishment a bit early.  Although NOT disenrolled, those who are under review WILL NOT receive the same benefits as other enrolled members

Reports from our friends of the NOOKSACK 306:

On December 3, the Kelly Faction passed a Nooksack Tribal Council Resolution for “2013 Christmas Support in the amount of $250.00 to be made available to each currently enrolled Nooksack Tribal members, not subject to pending disenrollment proceedings.” 

They did so via a “poll,” in secret, and without any notice to Tribal Councilpersons St. Germain and Roberts. That was the same day Bob Kelly refused to call the monthly public Regular Meeting of the Nooksack People. 

This latest scheme is unlawful, under both tribal and federal law, and utterly shameful. And it will not be taken lying down. That is because WE BELONG

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Luiseno said...

"those who are under review WILL NOT receive the same benefits as other enrolled members"

Sounds like they have already decided you don't belong. Like the Pechanga enrollment committee did to us. Even going so far as to tell us "it doesn't matter what evidence you provide, your going to be disenrolled anyways".