Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tour Bus Coming From PALA CASINO, Owned by Tribe That Harmed their OWN PEOPLE CRASHES with Multiple INJURIES

BREAKING:   A tour bus apparently going from Pala casino to Westminster has overturned, injuring 20. Developing and Details coming.


UPDATE:  THERE ARE TWO TOUR BUS CRASHES.  There was one on the 15 fwy, just south of the 91 that overturned, reportedly taking passengers home from Pala Casino to Westminster.  A SECOND crash is near the Pala Casino and the 15/76 With a Fatality.  Stay Tuned.

UPDATE:  Crash one on N15 in Corona has had at least 20 transported to the hospital for injuries.

UPDATE: The Southern Crash site is reportedly from a tour bus coming from the VALLEY VIEW CASINO:  One person died, six were seriously injured and 13 others suffered minor injuries when a Valley View Casino tour bus overturned on south Interstate 15 just south of state Route 76 near Bonsall Thursday afternoon, authorities said.


Anonymous said...

That's what 5 casino bus crashes in the past 6 months. We'll the way they drive not suprised I got passed on the 15 the other day by a Pechanga bus that had to be going over 80. Also another bus not wanting to wait in the freeway exit line pulled out sped up and squeezed between some other cars just to get ahead 5 spaces. Not sure if they have a schedule to keep to but that could be the reason for these crazy bus drivers.

Anonymous said...

Those casino busses are always driving in the fast lane and they cut over at the last minute to make an exit...they drive well over the speed limit every time I see them...the Casinos probably won't pay them if they are late by a minute..." Get those losers to the casinos, Marks relatives have new toys they want to to get that per cap back up to where it was before!!"

Anonymous said...

Sovereign nation....didn't you read the sign.....enter at your own risk....if you didn't......well to bad.

Anonymous said...

What do the drivers do while their patrons are in the casino? Do the casinos have a spot for them? Do they stay in the bus and sleep? Do they drink?

Anonymous said...

Sovereignty only applies on Indian land once you leave weather it a casino bus it does not apply. The bus drivers can play in the casinos if they want or stay on the bus and sleep. There was a driver that won a casino promotion once.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the Pala Casino busses, it's Rincon and all the others. They drive reckless no matter what road they are on. Driving down Pechanga grade towards Pala you are at risk simply because they tailgate, cut corners, etc.